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Brits Now Go for Harder Bargain

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プライドの高いイギリス人も、ついに不況で大阪のおばちゃん化?7月30日に発表された、イギリスの価格比較サイト・Moneysupermarket.comの調査結果によると、これまでタブーとされてきた値切りが、イギリスにも浸透しつつあるという。調査対象5000人のうち3分の2は、お店との値段交渉やクーポンを使って節約すると答え、イギリス人は月平均、定価より50ポンド安く買い物しているという。ロンドンが値切りにおいても「首都」で、67%のロンドン居住者(Londoner)が値段を交渉するのに抵抗はないという(ロンドンは移民が多いため、値切りに抵抗がない人が多いからじゃないかと私は見ているが)。また男性の方が値段交渉に積極的で、女性の56%に比べ、71%の男性が過去6ヶ月の間に値切り交渉したと答えた。この不況下、四苦八苦するお店に比べ、消費者が強気になっている。また過去に流行った「coupon culture(クーポン文化)」の再来で、割引券やクーポン使用も増加しており、過去6ヶ月間で91%の消費者が割引クーポンを利用、平均£300も節約したそうだ。


As the recession continues to bite, British are abandoning their traditional reserve as poll shows two thirds of British shoppers are happy to haggle on the high street. According to research among over 5,000 British by, two thirds (61%) have used bartering to get a discount in the last 6 months. Britons now negotiate almost £50/month in discounts by using a voucher and haggling techniques. The research also revealed that London is the bargaining capital of Britain, with 67% of Londoners now happy to haggle – I think it is partly because of a large number of immigrant population in London from the cultures with less hesitation to negotiate the price. Men are much more confident in the bartering stakes than women – 71% of men have flexed their bargaining muscles to secure a discount in the last 6 months, compared to 56% of women. Consumers are aware that they are in a strong position as retailers continue to struggle. In a revival of the ‘coupon culture’ of decades past, the use of discount vouchers and codes has also increased, according to the study, and 91% of British have used a discount voucher this year, with the average savings of almost £300 in the last 6 months.

In compare to US, a discount voucher/coupon and a loyalty/point card scheme are common practice in UK. I have barely seen loyalty/point card when I lived in New York, and there was an atmosphere that a discount coupon were only for the elderly and people under benefit, and I haven’t dare to use it at a cashier. It was late 90s until 2002, and I don’t know the situation there now, especially after credit crunch hit US. On the contrary in UK, I don’t have to feel embarrassed to use coupons – supermarkets and stores send you coupons from time to time when you register with their loyalty card schemes or shop online. You can get a variety of different promotional offers, cooperation with restaurants and hotels etc, on the papers by collecting daily codes/tokens (we went to Cotswolds with one of the promotion). Though I don’t have a courage to haggle, but I am comfortable to use discount vouchers and other offers (though M isn’t). Embarrassed to say, that I have a file to store these coupons and a special case from Japan, where the point cards are pretty common, for loyalty cards from many cafes… I often hear that the price is high in UK, but you can save a lot if you are aware of these discount schemes and use it with guts.

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