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Northern Lights in UK

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Northern lights(オーロラ)が今夜、ロンドンでも見れるかもしれない!?



Beautiful northern lights, Aurora or the Aurora Borealis, can be seen in London tonight?!

Normally taking place close to the Arctic, but every 11 years or so, an increase in solar activity causes unusually powerful explosions of particles, to make aurora able to be seen further south. Now is the time. Since late Sunday, aurora has been observed in Scotland, northern England and northern Ireland (→photos: Telegraph), and can be seen until Wednesday, possibly as south as London, with luck and under certain conditions: right magnetic activity which is highly variable; clear skies; and darkness without bright moonlight. Higher probability in the countryside than the city. For the best chance, look to the north which is the direction aurora is usually seen, though it depends where you are, around midnight from 10 pm to 2 am.

Aurora is not uncommon in northern Scotland, but fairly rare in south England and last appearance of this size was in 2003, and the last recording sightings of aurora in London was in 1939.