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Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season!!

Christmas 2012



A bit too early, but this is the last day for my blog this year. I will start writing again in mid January (I hope).

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your family, friends, pets or even alone :-)

Christmas 2012christmas 2012

I will be back in mid-May…


Woops, I have another thing to deal with and don’t have time to write my blog now… I promise (or hope) to write again in mid-May!

Autumn Half Term Break (again)


We have a lot of things happening this fall. Therefore, I will take a break from blog, once again this autumn – now I realise that I didn’t notify in advance when I took a break last time in September! I will start writing again from the second week of November (hopefully…) – see you later to all!


A cat hanging around our building. I am not sure if someone’s cat or a loner, but she (he?!) is very friendly.

On Vacation



I will take a break from tomorrow for a week +, and will be back in this blog around August 22 – please check out later!

* I happened to find this cute photograph. I love it so much, and use a piece of it here :)


See you in February…


I stop my blog for a month for family matters, and will resume in mid or late February – please come back next month!!