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Indian/Bangladeshi Restaurants in East London: Gujarati Rasoi @ Bradbury Street, Dalston

南アジアレストラン in イーストロンドンシリーズの最後は、オーバーグラウンドのDalston Kingsland Road駅に近い、Bradbury StreetにあるGujarati Rasoi。以前に書いたBird Caféと同じ通りだ。

ロンドンのマーケットでインド西部のグジャラート州の料理を出す屋台を始めたインド人の母と息子が、最近お洒落になりつつあるダルストンのエリアにこの小さなレストランをオープン。水曜から土曜までの夜だけの営業だけれど、テイクアウトのランチなら、Borough Market(月曜〜水曜)、Exmouth Market(火曜〜金曜)、Broadway Market(土曜日)それぞれの屋台で買える。詳細をウェブサイトでチェックしようと思ったけれど、何故だかエラーで調べられず。

Gujarati Rasoiでは、彼らの家庭のレシピに基にした、ベジタリアンのグジャラート料理(Gujarati food)を出す。ウィキペディアによると、グジャラート州はジャイナ教菜食主義とヒンドゥー教の影響で、ベジタリアンが多数派なのだそう。レストランの中は壁が板張りだったりと飾り気はないけど、天井から下げられているカラフルな三角旗や、様々なスパイスやハーブ類が入ったガラスのジャーが沢山並んだ棚等、シンプルさの中にちょっとしたアクセントがあって、なかなか素敵だなと思った。私たちは6月に行ったので、その後多少変わったかもしれない。


Last in the series of Asian restaurants in East London is Gujarati Rasoi on Bradbury Street, the same street with Bird Café, near Dalston Kingsland Road overground station.

Started with food stalls run by mother and son, selling Gujarati street food, now they opened a small restaurant in another fashionable area of Dalston. The restaurant opens only for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday, but their stalls are still at Exmouth Market (Tuesday – Friday) and Broadway Market (Saturdays), Borough Market (Monday – Wednesday), if you prefer takeaway lunch or Dalston is not in an easy reach. I tried to check their website for details, but it was not working at this moment.

Gujarati Rasoi offers traditional vegetarian Gujarati food based on their family recipes. According to Wikipedia, a cuisine in Gujarati region in west India, primarily vegetarian due to the influence of Jain vegetarianism and Hinduism. We went there in June, and the restaurant was bare simple with few tables with some of which overlook their open kitchen. It was quite a while ago and some details may have changed a bit since then. But I like their minimalistic interior with some cute touch, like colorful flags hanging from the ceiling and lots of glass jars containing a variety of spices and herbs displayed on the shelf high up.

The daily changing menu was quite short, like two starters, four sides, and two mains only. It is said that food is freshly made, and in fact I could feel it from their dishes. However, the portion was a bit small and not filling, partly because of its vegetarian concept. Can predominantly young customers with little money (or they have a lot maybe?) be satisfied like this? We are not young, but after the dinner we were still hungry…


注文した地ビールのMeantime India Pale Aleもあんまり好きじゃないかも。でもデザインは素敵。

I am not crazy about this Meantime India Pale Ale as well. But it’s a nice design.

Indian/Bangladeshi Restaurants in East London: Auntie Naan @ Broadway Market

Chaatのライトブルー&グリーンの店構えに対し、Auntie Naanの外観はビビッドなピンク色。ブロードウェイ・マーケットにあるAuntie Naanは、改装前はJoyというインディアンレストランだったらしいが、イーストロンドンのヒップなエリアのスタンダードに合わせたのか、見違えるように良くなった。ブロードウェイ・マーケットには毎週行くのだが、このお化粧直しの前はあまりに冴えないお店で、そこにレストランがあることさえ気づかなかったほどだ。

ツイッターでは「fast Indian street food with a twist(ツイストを効かせたインドのストリートフード)」と紹介しているが、クレジットカードのレシートの会社名は「Bangla Broadway」とあり、正直、インディアンなのかバングラデシュ料理なのか分からない。昨日も書いたけれど、どちらにせよ2つの国の料理を区別できないのだから、どっちでも構わないのだが。

改装後の店内はキッチュで可愛い。少し薄暗くて印象の薄いChaatより、カラフルで明るい感じで、インテリアはAuntie Naanの勝ちか。ただ、食べ物の方はどっこいどっこい。はっきりいうと、あんまり美味しくない。素敵なお店なだけに、料理が美味しければ通いたくなるのだが。もう一つ気に入らないのが、未完成のウェブサイト。このご時世なのに、デザインが良くて、必要な情報が掲載されているウェブサイトの大切さが分かっていないらしい。

Exterior of Auntie Naan is painted in bright pink, whereas Chaat is recognized with its light blue & green facade. Located on Broadway Market, Auntie Naan is formerly known as Joy Indian restaurant, but got total makeover recently to keep up with the standard of East London’s another hip neighborhood. We go to Broadway Market every week but we’ve never noticed the restaurant before its appearance has completely changed.

To be honest, I am not sure if Auntie Naan is Indian or Bangladeshi. Their Twitter page indicates as “fast Indian street food with a twist”, but the company name is “Bangla Broadway” on credit card receipt. However, as I wrote yesterday, that I can’t distinguish two cuisines anyway.

Definitely new look is kitsch and very cute. More colorful and brighter than modest Chaat. For interior, Auntie Naan wins. However, their food is more or less the same as Chaat – I am afraid to say that the food is boring and not the best in town. It is a shame as we like the space. Another annoying thing is that their website is not working as of today. I guess they don’t realize the importance of well-designed informative website nowadays!

Dishoom Bombay Café @ Covent Garden


ちょうど、ロンドンの多くのレストランが参加するイベント・London Restaurant Festival期間中(10月4日〜17日)だったので、前菜からデザートまで、お店のお薦め料理が少しずついただける特別メニュー(£12.50)を注文。生姜とミント、スパイスを加えたVirgin Bhang Lassi(ラッスィー)でスタート、スパイスしたラム肉の挽肉にハンバーガーのバンズのようなパンがついたKeema Pauキーマ・パウ)が前菜。メインは、ショウガとチリでマリネした焼いたChicken Tikka(チキンティッカ)、鶏肉を加えたライスのChicken Berry Biryani(ビリヤニ)、黒豆のDaal(ダール)、ヨーグルトにキュウリとミントを加えたRaita(ラーイター)、そしてNaan(ナン)。最後はチョコレートとピスタッチョの棒つきアイスのKulfiで締めくくり。こう書くと盛りだくさんだけれど、値段が値段だけに、一皿一皿の量は少なめ。ラッスィーは私にはちょっと甘過ぎ。一緒に出てきたパンはボロボロしてあんまりだけれど、キーマの味付けは良く、チキンティッカはジューシー、パリッと焼き上がったナンも、ふっくらして味もしっかりしているビリヤニも、なかなかいける。最後のアイスは、甘すぎなくて良かったんだけれど、食べる時にアイスが顔についてしまうので食べにくい。味はまあまあだったんだけれど、何せ満足感を得るには量が少ない。また全体的に、ブリックレーンあたりのインディアンに比べると値段も割高。まあ1回行ったから、もういいかな、という感じのお店。

The other day, we went to an Indian restaurant Dishoom, opened in this summer in Covent Garden. Dishoom is London’s first Bombay café, which opened early last century by Persian immigrants and boasted almost 400 cafés at their peak in the 1960s but fewer than 30 remain now in Mumbai. Dimly lit pendant lights hanging from the ceilings and dark wood furniture make the restaurant look more like a café in Paris, rather than Mumbai. The walls are covered with old family photos, adverts and posters, and kitsch medical packages sit neatly on shelves attached to the toilet walls.

Since we went there during the citywide celebration of eating out London Restaurant Festival (October 4-17) , we ordered the special menu (£12.5@) that you can sample different dishes. The menu started with Virgin Bhang Lassi with fresh ginger, mint and Bombay spice. After an appetizer Keema Pau, spice minced lamb served with hamburger-bun like bread (photo), Chicken Tikka marinated in ginger and chillies was served as well as Chicken Berry Biryani rice, Black DaalRaita and Naan. The course finished with Chocolate and Pistachio Kulfi ice cream. It may sound a great deal, but the portion was small – well, I understand, considering the price. Lassi was too sweet for me, but Keema was tasty, though the bread was not good, and Chicken Tikka was juicy, not dry. Crispy naan and nicely cooked Biryani were not bad at all. Kulfi was modestly sweet and good refreshment, though it was hard to eat as it touched my cheek every bite. Overall the food was not bad, but the portion was too small to satisfy our empty stomach (especially M’s). The prices in general are more expensive than some restaurants on Brick Lane. Maybe Dishoom is enough for me with one time experience.

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British’s Favorite Foreign Cuisine


I am writing this blog while I am watching Italy vs Paraguay, the first World Cup match for Italians, the defending word champion. Players of Azzuri are about the same from the last World Cup including the coach,but just 4-year older, therefore it is anticipated that it is quit hard for them to maintain the championship. In addition, there is no player selected from Inter,  the team completed The Treble, becoming the first ever Italian team to achieve the feat, by winning the Scudetto, the Coppa Italia and the Champions League in a single season. Accordingly, it is reported that Italians are not excited much for this Word Cup game – yet.

少し前の記事だが、Cauldron Foodsの調査で、イギリス人の好きな外国料理のトップ8で、イタリア料理が堂々の1位に輝いた。2位のフレンチ、旧植民地だった3位のインディアンなどは納得できるが、7位、8位にメキシカン、ギリシャ料理がランクインしたのが意外。最近ブリートを売るファースト・フードショップ、メキシカン・レストランが増えていてるのはその人気のせいか。でもギリシャ料理店は、ロンドンにはあんまり多くないように思うんだけれど。

  1. Italian/イタリアン
  2. French/フレンチ
  3. Indian/インディアン
  4. American/アメリカン
  5. Chinese/チャイニーズ
  6. Other/その他
  7. Mexican/メキシカン
  8. Greek/ギリシャ料理

I read a while ago that Italian food is selected as the most favored foreign cuisine in UK, based on a study commissioned by Cauldron Foods. Sounds reasonable that French and Indian, a former British colony, come the second and the third, but it is a bit surprising that Mexican and Greek ranked rather high on number 7th and 8th. I don’t see many Greek in London, but now I get why Burrito shops and Mexican restaurants are spurning in the capital.


A survey by BBC’s Olive food magazine gives the similar result.  Over 40% of nearly 2,500 readers who participated the survey chose Italian as their favourite foreign food, followed by Indian food at 16%. Pasta is the most popular Italian dish, favoured by 26.5% of people, and the favourite sauce on pasta is Bolognese, followed by carbonara and then pesto. Lasagne is their second choice with 15% of votes and pizza is the third at 14%, followed by risotto. Although the teaching of Italian language is not commonplace in British schools, but Italian is their second-favourite language, after French. I thought Spanish would be the second, as Spain is the number one destination for British tourists and many Brits have a second house in Spain – I guess food is the powerful force for people to fall in love with a certain culture.

元に戻るが、Cauldron Foodsの調査によると、昨年イギリスの食卓に上った料理10皿のうち、6皿は外国料理だったそうだ。これを受けて、Cauldron Foodsの広報は、「it’s clear that we Brits are actually some of the most adventurous and cosmopolitan foodies in the world(私たちイギリス人は、世界の中でも冒険的でコスモポリタンなグルメであることは確か」 とのコメントを出したけれど、その割にアフリカ料理やカリビアン料理など、ロンドンに多く住む移民たちのエスニック・フードは、インディアンを除いて移民街以外ではあんまり見かけないし、タイ料理やベトナム料理に比べて人気もないし、トレンドにもならない。これで、世界的にもコスモポリタン、と自負するのはちょっと行き過ぎ?

Back to Cauldron Foods survey, 6 out of 10 meals prepared in British households last year were derived from foreign culinary traditions. Cauldron Foods PR says, “it’s clear that we Brits are actually some of the most adventurous and cosmopolitan foodies in the world”, but I hardly see a certain ethnic food restaurant such as African and Carribian cuisine outside their community. Though there are lots of people from these countries living in London, these ethnic restaurants have not the same popularity as other exotic cuisines like Thai or Vietnamese. Isn’t it a too much boast to call themselves ‘cosmopolitan’ with this result??

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