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Ombra Venetian Restaurant @ Vyner Street, Hackney

ベニス風イタリアン・レストラン、Ombra(オンブラ)は、ハックニーのMare street(メア・ストリート)沿いにあるちょっとくたびれたビルの中にある。その古びた外観とは裏腹に、中はカラフルでファンキーなテーブル&チェアが並べられ、明るくポップに仕上がっている。テーブルに置かれた、水入りのカットグラスのデカンターや、イタリアのトラットリアでよく使われている黄土色の紙を切っただけのテーブルマットが、イタリアっぽい。


Ombra Italian Restaurant sits inside an beaten up ugly building on Mare street in Hackney. But on contrary to its scary appearance, inside is cheerfully decorated with colourful funky tables and chairs, with a touch of Italy, such as cut glass water decanters on tables and placemats cut out of coarse buff papers, which are often used in trattorias & bars in Italy.

Menu on a black board is short & simple (possibly because we popped in late afternoon?): homemade spaghetti with cherry tomato sauce or mixed mushrooms (£6), pork filet in butter sage & lemon sauce served with mash & salad (£8), rocket salad with pear, walnuts, parmesan cheese (£7), and panna cotta (£4). That’s it. E basta. We ordered spaghetti with tomato sauce and pork filet, and got spaghetti with mushrooms instead and pork filet. That’s OK because spaghetti with mushrooms looked delicious as well. Looking good, and tasted great though spaghetti was a bit dry – freshly cooked with fresh ingredients. We love them! Focaccia bread served with meals was also excellent (I am not sure if it is handmade). And espresso after the meal is flawless. Nothing to complain, other than a small mistake in my order. Casual + laid-back atmosphere and no-nonsense food. It seems to be a bit chaotic during lunch and dinner time (see the ES review), but we will definitely come back for late lunch!