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Engine Hot Dog Stand (…but it is gone now) @ Southbank

Wahacaに行く前に見かけた、National Theatreロイヤル・ナショナル・シアター)前のホットドッグスタンド・Engine。真っ赤に塗られた1959年産シトロエンのトラックが目を引く。Richard Shanksという俳優がやっていたこのホットドッグ屋さん、使用する食材はオーガニック、free-range(放し飼い)、そして旬のもの。と、Evening Standard紙の記事で読んだ。「やっていた」と過去形にしたのは、EngineのFacebookページを見ると、サウスバンクでの営業は9月15日が最後だったから。また後出しです、ごめんなさい。。。

I saw this cute hot dog stand, Engine, in front of National Theatre, before we ended up at Wahaca. According to the Evening Standard article, Engine the red 1959 Citroën truck, owned by an actor Richard Shanks, sold hot dogs using organic, free-range and seasonal produce. I wrote ‘sold’ in past tense, as their last day at Southbank was on September 15th (Engine’s Facebook)… It’s too late to write, again – sorry!!

ソーセージとパンだけという、シンプルなホットドッグ(£3.50)が一番好き / I love simple hot dog, just sausage and bun (£3.50)


HOMA Restaurant @ Stoke Newington Church Street

今週は珍しく晴れ続き、久しぶりにStoke Newingtonまで足を伸ばして、HOMAでランチした。白い壁にカントリー風木製テーブル&椅子、吊り下げられたレトロなランプシェードも可愛い。ランチとディナーの狭間だからか、客は私たちだけで、静かでとてもリラックスした雰囲気。

メニューには、種類はそう多くないが、オーガニックで地元産の旬の食材を主に使用した、イタリアン&地中海風の料理が並ぶ。コーヒー豆はブロードウェイ・マーケットにある名店・Climpson and Sonsのもの。環境にも配慮、テイクアウト用のフォークやスプーン、食材のパッケージは、再生品で、使用後は堆肥にできるもののみを使用しているそう。


It has been sunny these days, so we stretched our destination to Stoke Newington and had lunch at HOMA. The interior is very cute, with white walls, rusty wooden tables & chairs, and retro lamp shades. It was in between lunch and dinner time, and we were the only customers there, and we enjoyed its peaceful and relaxing space all by ourselves.

Their menu is rather small, but their Italian and Mediteranean dishes are made of fresh and seasonal ingredients, and organic and locally produced sources wherever possible. Their coffee is from renown Climpson and Sons in Broadway Market. They also care environment and use only recycled compostable food packaging and catering disposables, such as takeaway fork and spoons.

Unfortunately, only pizza was available when we went after lunch time was over. For some reason, we got chorizo pizza with egg on top, instead of pizza margherita with extra anchovies (interesting misunderstanding). But it was not bad after all, as pizza crust was crunchy and the toppings were fresh. I am afraid to say that egg didn’t go well with pizza, but French people sometimes request egg topping, according to an apologetic staff. It was also nice of her to made our drinks complimentary – very favorable response to the mistake.

Pizza Patate (White Pizza with Sliced Potatoes, Rosemary & Brie £8.5) and Chorizo (Tomato, Mozzarella, Chorizo, Red Peppers & Red Pesto £10.5)

Tea and Sympathy – Lumen Café @ Tavistock Place

Bloomsbury(ブルームズベリー)にあるBrunswick Centre(ブランズウィック・センター)を北に少し行ったところにある、Lumen Café(ルーメン・カフェ)。United Reformed Church(合同改革教会)の一派であるLumen URCという教会の中にある。教会と言っても、Theis and Khan建築事務所により近年改装されたその建物は、RIBA(王立英国建築家協会)のLondon winners 2009を受賞。ラテン語で「「昼光」「命の光」を意味するLumenという名の如く、光が溢れる、広々としたモダンな作りで、宗教臭さを感じさせない。



Lumen Café is located in Lumen URC, belonging to the United Reformed Church, north of Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury. Its newly reformed building designed by Theis and Khan Architects was selected as one of RIBA‘s London winners 2009. Reflecting its name “Lumen”, “the light of life” or “daylight” in Latin, the bright, spacious and modern interior doesn’t look like a typical church, and doesn’t make me feel nervous.

Opened in April 2010, the café is a hardcore ethical environmentalist, as you can imagine: buying local, seasonal, organic and Fairtrade ingredients and cooking from scratch as much as possible, from cakes and biscuits to pickles, chutneys, dressing and mayonnaise. They don’t sell any bottled water (but you can get as much tap water as you like), and they hate food waste (see their values here).

All the staffs were friendly and nice, and the chef even cooked “Tortilla” for us after kitchen was almost closed. M thought it would be Mexican Tortilla, and  he was a bit sad to see Tortilla the Spanish omelette instead – he doesn’t fancy omelet, as he was “traumatized” by being fed omelet with leftovers from his mother when he was small. However, he liked it and even tried to steal some from me – it is just psychological!

建物中ほどにある「Ray of Light(光線)」。

“Ray of Light” in the middle of the building.


Worship area, looking more like a meeting space.


Corridor running through the building is also used as an art gallery.


Courtyard garden is a perfect sitting place for a sunny day.


Design hotel-looking entrance / lounge.

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FoodHall Deli & Café @ Old Street, Shoreditch




FoodHall on Old Street near Hoxton Square, is a deli and café, offering a variety of gourmet foods such as freshly prepared food, sandwiches, sliced pizza, pastries & bread, as well as fruits & veg, fresh meat & poultry, cheese and others. There are also eat-in areas on the back and in the courtyard. This posh deli, which looks like the one in an expensive area somewhere in Chelsea, attract a certain crowd in this edgy neighborhood. In general, their products are quite expensive, and you may even think that they are over-priced. First time I visited the store, I bought some groceries like organic milk, eggs and some meat without paying attention to their price tags, and I was surprised by its total at the cashier. Now I don’t buy those ‘organic’ products as I can find good ones at Waitrose with better prices, but still I can’t miss their cakes and bread. Though more expensive than the average price in the area, but its sophisticated taste and perfect sweetness worth the price. I like their simple cakes such as banana sliced cake and raspberry financier, but their cheesecakes I bought before were excellent as well. I also recommend their ciabatta bread, crispy outside and soft inside. It tastes better if you lightly toast it and dip it in extra-virgin olive oil.

But another big minus at FoodHall as well as their price is their often unfriendly and impolite staff. We went to buy ciabatta at FoodHall today, and complained about a rock-hard ciabatta we bought the other day. But we were just told, “next time, touch and check the bread before you buy, as sometimes old stocks mix with the new ones” – without sincere apology. We almost screamed to the guy, “that’s the store’s job to check whatever they sell!!”, but managed to control ourselves and left with newly purchased nicely baked ciabatta. Of course we checked its hardness before we bought. This is our worst experience at the store, but I’ve never impressed by their customer service. I was relieved to know that we are not the only one – I found some reviews about the store while I was looking for the store’s website (but I couldn’t find it), and some people complain the same thing!

Although I don’t like the store’s unpleasant attitudes and expensive prices, their sweets are truly irresistible and go back at the end…

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Duchy Originals “from Waitrose”

私たちの行きつけのスーパーはウェイトローズなのだが、今まで買っていた、ウェイトローズ・ブランドのオーガニック牛乳が、最近、「Duchy Originals(ダッチー・オリジナル)」ブランドに取って代わったのに気づいた。調べてみたら、2009年9月にDuchy Originals社はウェイトローズとの包括提携を発表、2010年8月に実施されたのだそうだ。この提携によると、イギリス国内において、商品の製造から流通・販売までウェイトローズが手がけ、名前もDuchy OriginalsからDuchy Originals from Waitroseに変更。商品数も以前の200から、500アイテムにまで増やす計画だそうだ。

ダッチー・オリジナル (Duchy Originals) 社は、環境保護やオーガニック(有機栽培)に熱心なチャールズ王太子によって1990年に設立された、高級有機食品ブランド。Duchy of Cornwallコーンウォール公爵)の称号を持つチャールズ王太子所有のDuchy(王族公領)をその名に冠し、そのロゴもコーンウォール公の紋章から取られている。クッキーやビスケット、ジャムやマーマレード、肉・魚類、デザート、水、スープ、ドレッシング、ヘア・ボディケアなど多岐に渡る商品は、主にウェイトローズで取り扱われているけれど、Boothsというスーパー(聞いた事ないけれど)や独立系高級食料品店でも販売されている。ウェイトローズと提携はしたけれど、チャールズ王太子は引き続きブランド経営に参画し、そのロイヤルティ(商標権使用料)は引き続き、王太子の創設した慈善団体・The Prince’s Charities Foundationに寄付される。

ダッチー・オリジナルの製品は、チャールズ王太子の会社という事で話の種になるので、海外へのお土産に重宝する。私たちの御用達は缶入りのHighland Shortbreadハイランドショートブレッド)。スコットランドの伝統的お菓子だけれど、イギリス中で食べられるポピュラーなお菓子だし、材料には、王太子が所有するハイグローブの農場で穫れた小麦やオート麦を使用している。また王太子が描いた、イギリス王室の夏の避暑地であるスコットランドのバルモラル城の水彩画を使った、クラシックのデザインの缶は、食べ終わった後も使える。£6.99とリーズナブルなのに高級感もあるし、是非お薦め。

Recently I recognized that our favorite supermarket, Waitrose‘s Organic milk range has been replaced from “Waitrose Organic Fresh Milk” to “Duchy Originals from Waitrose”. I searched Wikipedia and found out that Duchy Originals had agreed an exclusive deal with Waitrose, for Waitrose to originate, manufacture, distribute and sell Duchy products, and this came into effect from this August. The products were relaunched under the new name “Duchy Originals from Waitrose” (formerly Duchy Originals), and the product range will be expand to around 500 from the previous range of around 200.

Duchy Originals is a brand of organic food and was originally set up in 1990 by Charles, Prince of Wales, who has been an advocator of organic food and environmental issues, and named after the Duchy of Cornwall estates that are held in trust by the Prince of Wales (Duchy means the territory of a duke or duchess). The products, including biscuits & snacks, preserves, meat, poultry & fish, desserts, bottled waters, soups and condiments & dressings, as well as hair & body care, are sold mainly in Waitrose in UK, but also in Booths supermarkets (I’ve never heard of it though) and small independent food stores. The Prince of Wales continue his involvement with the brand after the company’s deal with Waitrose, and the royalties is donated to charity The Prince’s Charities Foundation as before.

We often buy Duchy Originals products for souvenirs to abroad, as this is Prince Charles’ company and we can talk about it. Our pick for a souvenir is Highland Shortbread Tin. Shortbread is a traditional Scottish biscuit, but also popular in other parts of UK. Duchy Originals’ Highland shortbread is made using wheat and oats from the Duchy’s farm at Highgrove royal estate.  The shortbread is in a classic design tin box, decorated with a watercolour, painted by Prince Charles, of the Balmoral estate in Scotland, and you can reuse the tin after you finish the biscuits. The price is quite reasonable at £6.99, but it looks expensive – highly recommended!

Highland Shortbread Tin/ハイランド・ショートブレッド缶入り

Bergamot & Lime Liquid Soap/ベルガモットとライムのハンドソープ

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