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Tufnell Park Tavern @ Tufnell Park

2週間前にオープンしたばかりのガストロ・パブ、Tufnell Park Tavern(タフネル・パーク・タバーン)。近所に住む友人のお薦めで行ってみた。店内は、伝統的なロースト料理や地中海風メニュー等、きちんとした食事を出すパブ・エリアと、軽食やお茶の出来るデリに分かれていて、パブはダークブラウンを基調とした伝統的なパブのインテリア、打って変わって、デリはミント・グリーンの壁にカントリー調のテーブルや椅子で明るくまとめられている。また、天気の良い日は、外のガーデン席に座って、太陽の光を満喫するのもいい。


We went to Tufnell Park Tavern, just opened two weeks ago, as my friend who lives nearby recommended as a great gastro pub. The inside is divided into pub area, where you can have a proper meal such as traditional roast and Mediterranean inspired dishes, and deli area where you can have a light meal and a cup of tea/coffee. The pub area decorated with dark wood in good taste is traditional pub-ish and quite impressive. On the other hand, the interior of the deli is more cheerful and bright, with peppermint green walls and country-style furniture. There is also garden seating area and it is quite busy when it’s sunny.

The food and desert for both pub and deli, cooked in the open kitchen, are fresh and great, as my friend told me – you should difinately go there with an empty stomach, instead of just having a drink. We ordered pizza at deli counter today. Freshly baked pizza was popping hot and crunchy, and M said that the pizza was the best he ever had in London. Blueberry muffin was not too sweet and lovely as well.

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Villandry Kitchen: All Day Café, Bistrot and Bar @ Holborn

Villandry KitchenVillandry Kitchen

Great Portland Street(グレート・ポートランド・ストリート)とOxfordshireオックスフォードシャー)のBicester Village(ビスター・ビレッジ)にある人気フレンチ/フードストア・Villandryヴィランドリー)の姉妹店、Villandry Kitchen(ヴィランドリー・キッチン)が、ホルボーン駅の近く、High Holborn(ハイ・ホルボーン)に今年6月オープンした。Great Portland Street店に比べるとカジュアルでリーズナブル。フランス料理の他にも、フレンチまたはイギリス風朝食メニュー、アフタヌーンティー、また110年物!のピザ生地酵母の元種を使った石窯焼きのピザもある。


Villandry, popular French restaurants, bars & food stores on Great Portland Street and in Bicester Village, Oxfordshire, opened their sister restaurant Villandry Kitchen on High Holborn, near the Holborn tube station in June 2009. In compare to the Great Portland Street branch, Villandry Kitchen is more casual and reasonable. Other than French bistrot menus, they serve French and English breakfasts, afternoon tea, and stone baked pizzas made with their natural 110 year old mother yeast dough.

This airy and comfortable restaurant with modern French countryside decor was almost empty when we went there on Saturday afternoon – probably because High Holborn, busy business area, is rather quiet on the weekend. There are also a small take-out corner at the entrance where you can buy French artisan breads, pastries, and some French groceries, in addition to café and restaurant area. There were an open kitchen in the premise but it didn’t seem to be used, which was a shame, and the pizza we ordered was brought from somewhere else (maybe from downstairs?). The staffs were very friendly and attentive, and the pizza Margherita was delicious. We will definitely come back – probably for a dinner next time.

Villandry Kitchen

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