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Sunbury Antiques Market @ Kempton Park Racecourse

Waterloo(ウォータールー)駅から電車で約45分。Kempton Park Racecourse(ケンプトン・パーク競馬場)で、毎月第2・最終火曜日に開催される、イギリス最大アンティーク・マーケット、Sunbury Antiques Market(サンバリー・アンティーク・マーケット)に初めて行った。

1979年に始まった、愛称「Kempton(ケンプトン)」「Kempton Park(ケンプトン・パーク)」で親しまれるこのマーケット、屋内に350、屋外に350以上出店する大規模なもので、早朝6時半から始まり、昼頃には多くが店仕舞する。西洋・東洋、アフリカと国を問わず、家具や銀製品、ジュエリー、洋服、おもちゃ、食器類といった正統派アンティークから、訳の分からないガラクタやオブジェまで、古ければ何でもあり。入場料・駐車場は無料で値段も安く、プロのディーラーも掘り出し物目当てに仕入れにくるそうだ。日本人の駐妻御用達という噂どおり、日本人とおぼしきグループも多い。インターネットで調べると、日本人ブロガーの記事が延々と出てきてびっくり。どれくらい知識があるかは別として(別に知識がなくても好きならいいと思うけど)、日本人はアンティークが好きなんだなとつくづく思う。


For the first time, I went to Sunbury Antiques Market, held bi-monthly (second and last Tuesday) at Kempton Park Racecourse, 45-minute train journey from Waterloo station.

Started in 1979, Sunbury Antiques Market is the largest antique market in UK. From 6:30 AM till sellers decide to wrap up their stools (normally around noon), over 700 stallholders (350 stalls inside & over 350 outside) sell anything old – from mainstream antiques such as furniture, silverware, jewellery, ceramics, kitchenallia, vintage fashion, and toys, to ethnic crafts and bric-a-brac which I have no clue what it is for. Entrance fee & parking are free, and the prices are cheaper than more touristy Portobello Market, and it attracts professional dealers as well. It is popular among chū-tsuma (駐妻: wives of Japanese expats), and you can see plenty of them there, as well as Koreans and Chinese who may look the same. When I searched about the market on the internet, the result showed loads of Japanese female bloggers talking about it – Japanese women really love antiques, no matter if they have any knowledge or not.

I went there casually with almost zero knowledge in antiques but just for fun, thinking that one-hour stay was well enough, but I was wrong. I was utterly overwhelmed by its scale. I am not a big antique fan, but it was so exciting that I stayed there until most of the dealers finished packing their stuffs. I should have gone there much earlier (I arrived at around 10:30 AM)! I am a night owl and the market is far from home, so I don’t know when I can go there next time…

後ろには競馬のコースが見える / You can see the racecourse on the back

外は屋根もなく、商品がむき出しで置かれている / Outside stalls are hard-standing without roof

ごちゃごちゃとした屋内ストール / Indoor stalls – a bit claustrophobic