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A Hot Sunny Day in Southbank


ランチは、ロイヤル・フェスティバル・ホールにあるRiverside Terrace Caféで。フレッシュな食材を使ったサンドイッチやスープ、軽食類は、ファーストフードにしては、なかなかいける。広々としたホール内にもテーブルはあるけれど、天気のいい日は、これまた広々とした外のバルコニー席がいい。外にはバーカウンターもあり、カクテルやアルコール類もいただける。

It’s been a nice and hot day in last few days. The highest temperature went up around 30ºc today as well with tropical blue sky and bright sun, so we went to Southbank to enjoy the sun.

We had lunch at Riverside Terrace Café in Royal Festival Hall. Fresh home made sandwiches, soup, and light meals at the café are not bad at all, as a quick bite. There are many tables in the hall but it is better to sit outside on a spacious balcony when it’s sunny. There is also a bar counter to serve cocktails and alcohol drinks.

ロンドン・アイの向かいにあるJubilee Gardens(ジュビリー・ガーデンズ)では、天気のいい日にはロンドンのどんな小さな公園でも見かけるように、人々が日向ぼっこ+日焼けをエンジョイ。

Many people were sunbathing in the Jubilee Gardens across the London Eye, like any other small or large parks in London in the sun.


A stage of E4 (digital TV channel of Channel 4)  Udderbelly sits next to the Jubilee Gardens. In its second year, Udderbelly hosts two months of  a variety of shows such as stand-up comedy, cabaret, music, dance and family shows (May 13 – July 18). The inflatable giant upside-down purple cow is quirky and cute. There are café and bars inside the tent and you can enjoy drinks and food even while no show taking place.


Ice cream van painted with the Southbank skyline.

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