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Renewal of TV Licensing

TV Licensing

先日、TV Licensingの更新依頼通知を受け取った。イギリスでは、テレビの所有者は、TVライセンス料の支払いが義務づけられている。、TVライセンス制度TV Licensing)は、NHKの受信料のようなもので、テレビやビデオデッキなどを所有するために、1年間有効の受信許可証を購入するというシステム。「受信許可料」と呼ぶこともあり、公共放送であるBBC(英国放送協会)の収入の約75%を占める。現在、カラーテレビは年間£142.50、白黒テレビは年間£48。世帯単位での支払いとなっており、何台テレビを所有していても、TVライセンス料は同じだ。75歳以上は支払い免除、また視覚障害者は料金が半額になる。支払い方法は、Direct Debit(口座自動振替:1年、3ヶ月、月払いから選べる)、ウェブサイトでのカード支払い、電話での支払い、小切手の送付、またはスーパーや小売店などに設置された、全国に2万以上あるPayPointでの支払いが可能だ。引っ越しをした場合は、登録情報変更で、ライセンスを新しい住所に移せる。またイギリスを離れる場合などの理由であれば、3ヶ月以上未使用の期間分の返金も可能。2007/08年度の統計では、なんと95%もの支払率を誇るが、未支払い者への罰金が最高£1000という高額の上、下記のようなTV広告や警告のポスターが至る所に目につけば、嫌でも払わざるを得ないだろう(NHKも見習ってはどうか)。


We received a request of renewal of TV Licensing the other day by post. In the UK, TV owners are required to obtain an official TV license for the reception of TV and radio broadcasts. The licence fee represents approximately 75% of the public broadcasting BBC‘s income. The current annual license fee for a colour television licence is £142.50 and £48.00 for black and white TV, and is charged on a family unit per household basis, which means there could be many TVs per household covered by a single license. The license fee is free for over-75s and 50% discount for people with visual impairment. Payment can be made via online (monthly, quarterly, or annual payment by Direct Debit, or debit or credit card payment), over the phone, sending a check via post, or at over 20,000 PayPoint outlets nationwide located in the shops and supermarkets. You can carry over your TV license to a new address by updating your information online or by post. Refunds are available for complete unused quarters that remain on your TV Licence at the point it was no longer needed, for example, moving abroad. Astonishingly 95% of British paid the TV license fee in 2007/08 period, but you have no choice but pay, if the fine is up to £1000 and you are bombarded with scary TV adverts (below) or posters.

Like the Council Tax, the TV licensing fee has been going up and up every year. The first time we paid for the TV license in 2003 was £116, therefore, £26.50 increase (about 23%) in 6 years. Although there are some silly programs, BBC also produces many good quality programs and I don’t complain to pay for TV license. However, BBC is also criticized the way they handle license fee payers’ money, such as executives’ high salaries and expenses, secret pay deals of star presenters, and expenses on luxurious villa in Cannes. Popular TV presenter Jonathan Ross‘s salary was £6 millions, before the £3million pay cut due to the Andrew Sachs affair. I hope they understand the current hard economic circumstances and license fee payer’s sentiments, and use our money more discreetly.

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Database TV advert: 6th May 2009

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