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Short & Small Things in London


It is cold and gray today as usual and I’ve stayed in my room all day. What I have seen on TV is 30-year anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination or 24-hour student protest against tuition fee rise before the vote tomorrow (BBC article/Tory’s Tuition Fees Fact web), and nothing exciting. Especially all those student protests!! Put aside the debate of tuition fee rise, I don’t say all of them, but the ways some behave in their protest are quite irritating. Some students shout at policemen who just do their job (in fact it is not their fault at all) and vandalize shops and police cars, and they are so triumphant. I will be arrested if I do the same! Some come out in strange costumes or bang drums, and annoy pedestrians. On occasions of media photos and TV footage, they show big smiles with peace signs or waves hands – no seriousness whatsoever. At the meeting place, they just dance with music or chit-chat with their friends, and leave beer cans, food packages, cigarette butts and trash all over. How do they believe they can earn our sympathy by acting like ASBOs?! All what I feel is they just do this for fun, or because they can’t buy the latest stuffs at Topshop or can’t have fun at a pub or a night club. They should behave better if they want to win people’s heart!

すっかりタイトルから脱線してしまったけれど、今日見つけた何だかほっとするBBC記事「In pictures: London – short and small」。チューブ(ロンドン地下鉄)の最も短い区間、最も小さいアパートやパブ、教会など、ロンドンで見かける小さいものを集めている。小さいものは日本の専売特許だと思ってたけれど、ロンドンにも意外とあるものだ。一番最後の、日光・東武ワールドスクウェアのバッキンガム宮殿の写真、ロンドンじゃないけれどご愛嬌。

I completely derailed from today’s blog title. This BBC’s “In pictures: London – short and small” that makes me feel a bit better among all. It is a collection of photos of something short and small in the big city of London – shortest tube journey, smallest flat, pub and church etc, etc. I thought small and short is a copyright of Japan, but there are many in London as well. But at the end, here it is – the Buckingham Palace in Tobu World Square in Japan (not in London, though) !


It’s only 300m (0.161 mile) between Lester Square and Covent Garden station.

物置を改造した、ノッティングヒルにあるアパート。居住空間は、キッチン、シャワールーム、クロゼットを含めても、229cm x 102cmしかない。

The converted cupboard in Notting Hill. The living space is only 229cm x 102cm (7ft 6in x 3ft 4in), including kitchenette, shower room, and wardrobe space.

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