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The Unilever Series: Tacita Dean @ Tate Modern

一昨年の「Miroslaw Balka: HOW IT IS」、昨年の「Ai Wweiwei: SUNFLOWER SEEDS」に続き、テート・モダンの第12回Unilever Series(ユニリーバ・シリーズ)作品は、イギリス人ヴィジュアル・アーティストTacita Deanの映像インスタレーション(10月11日〜翌年3月11日)。ユニリーバ・シリーズ初の動画作品だそうだ。


After “Miroslaw Balka: HOW IT IS“, “Ai Wweiwei: SUNFLOWER SEEDS“, Tate Modern‘s twelfth commission in the Unilever Series is British visual artist Tacita Dean’s visual installation (October 11  –  March 11, 2012). It is the first work in the Unilever Series devoted to the moving image.

This 11-minute silent 35mm film with a sequence of every changing black & white, colour, and hand-tinted images is projected onto a 13m tall white monolith at the end of a darkened Turbine Hall. The large scale work shows us a beauty of analogue film as well as its skilful techniques as opposed to recent overpowering digital images. It also evokes the gigantic mysterious black monolith from the Kubrick‘s science fiction masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).” Visually interesting at the beginning, but I got a bit bored soon as I couldn’t see a connection between each image, unfortunately…