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Coco Momo Café Bar & Brasserie Holborn @ Theobalds Road

ロンドン西部のグロースター・ロードメリルボーン・ハイストリートに2軒あるカフェ/バー/ブラッセリー・Coco Momoが今月、ホルボーンのTheobalds Road(セオバルズ・ロード)にもオープンした。広々とした店内は、パリのカフェにありそうなテーブルと椅子、壁には20年代風のランプ、そして白シャツに黒ベスト、ネクタイとギャルソンのようないでたちのウェイターたちと、クラシックなフランス風。ありきたりなインテリアの入口側より、白タイルとレンガの壁、天井に吊り下げられたシャンデリアと大きな時計、そしてびっしりと本が並んだ棚が置かれた奥の方が雰囲気がある。



Café bar & brasserie Coco Momo opened its third branch on Theobalds Road in Holborn in this month, in addition to Gloucester Road and Marylebone High Street in the west. Classic café tables and chairs, 20’s style wall lumps and staffs in ‘garçons’ style with white shirt, vest and tie, make the café look like a French bistrot somewhere in Paris. The seating area on the street side is ordinary and a bit boring, but the back area is chic, with a chandelier, big hanging clock and large shelves filled with books, as well as white tiles and exposed brick walls.

Coco momo opens from 8am to 11pm, and it is great that food is available all day. Croissants, toasts, eggs, pancakes are available for breakfast till 11:30am. Lunch menu includes casual dishes like sandwiches and hamburgers, as well as proper meals with appetizers, salads, soups and mains. Most of the main dishes costs no more than £15 during dinner time, and it is quite reasonable and truly like a French bistrot or brasserie. The restaurant even offers bargain 2-course set menus for £6 (lunch) / £12 (prix fixe from 5 – 8pm).

Today we ordered Chargrilled chicken & avocado with rocket pesto (£7.50) and Classic chargrilled burger with cheddar cheese (£9.95). Although the chicken was a bit dry but the toasted bread was tasty and the ingredients were fresh. Nicely grilled burger had a perfect harmony with beautifully melted cheese. Reviews of other two branches on the internet is just average, but I thought the Holborn branch was not bad at all for a everyday use, though it doesn’t have michelin-star quality.