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Hurwundeki Café @ Cambridge Heath Road

Hurwundeki(発音不明。ハーウンデキ??)は、鉄道のCambridge Heath(ケンブリッジ・ヒース)駅の高架下、イーストロンドンで最近お洒落になってきたエリアにある、カフェ&レストラン兼アンティークショップ。オーナーがヘアスタイリストなので、中にヘアサロンもある。前庭には乗馬型玩具やカボチャの馬車など古いおもちゃが無造作に置いてあり、外から見ると寂れた子供の遊び場という感じ。「Hurwundeki」という聞き慣れない名前も、最初はアフリカかどっかの言葉かな?と思っていたけれど、実はオーナーの出身地・韓国の済州島の方言で「髪」を意味するそう。中も外も、韓国を思わせるものは一切ないけれど、ビビンバやプルコギなど韓国料理が、クロワッサンなどの朝食、サンドイッチ、サラダ、ケーキ類、コーヒー通の好むSquare Mileのコーヒーなど、フツーの西洋風食べ物・飲み物と共にメニューに並ぶ。かなり使い古されたヴィンテージの家具やシャンデリアなどで飾られた中は広々、まったりした空気が流れていて居心地はなかなか。電車が頭上を通る時は振動・騒音もあるが、それほど気にならない。


Hurwundeki is housed in the railway arches under Cambridge Heath station in the heart of East London. From outside, it looks more like run-down children’s playground with an old toys such as ride-on horse and a pumpkin carriage on the front garden, but this is a popular café, restaurant, vintage shop + hair salon (the owner is a hair stylist). At first, I thought its unfamiliar name of ‘Hurwundeki’ is African language or something, but it is not – in fact, the word is Korean and means ‘hair’ in a dialect of Jeju Island where the owner is from. The space has nothing Korean in sight, but does have Korean dishes such as Bibimbap and Bulgogi, together with usual western breakfast, sandwiches, salad and cakes, as well as famous Square Mile coffee. The eat-in space is a bit shabby but spacious and laid back, surrounded by worn-out vintage furniture and chandeliers as well as quirky bric-a-brac. You may feel a bit of vibration and noise when a train passes by, but it’s not too annoying.

We tried their bibimbap and bulgogi for lunch, which is rare in East London, and the food was surprisingly decent as a café, not a proper Korean restaurant with table service. It would be even better if they can serve the food on a plate, not in a thin paper container with plastic lid (photo below) – it was quite hard to eat as the lid slapped my face with every bite. Eat-in drinks are served in a ceramic cup, but why not food??

ビビンバ(左)とプルコギ(右)。ちょっと胡麻をふりかけすぎかも / Bibimbap (left) and Bulgogi (right). A bit too much sesame seeds?