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Indian/Bangladeshi Restaurants in East London: Gujarati Rasoi @ Bradbury Street, Dalston

南アジアレストラン in イーストロンドンシリーズの最後は、オーバーグラウンドのDalston Kingsland Road駅に近い、Bradbury StreetにあるGujarati Rasoi。以前に書いたBird Caféと同じ通りだ。

ロンドンのマーケットでインド西部のグジャラート州の料理を出す屋台を始めたインド人の母と息子が、最近お洒落になりつつあるダルストンのエリアにこの小さなレストランをオープン。水曜から土曜までの夜だけの営業だけれど、テイクアウトのランチなら、Borough Market(月曜〜水曜)、Exmouth Market(火曜〜金曜)、Broadway Market(土曜日)それぞれの屋台で買える。詳細をウェブサイトでチェックしようと思ったけれど、何故だかエラーで調べられず。

Gujarati Rasoiでは、彼らの家庭のレシピに基にした、ベジタリアンのグジャラート料理(Gujarati food)を出す。ウィキペディアによると、グジャラート州はジャイナ教菜食主義とヒンドゥー教の影響で、ベジタリアンが多数派なのだそう。レストランの中は壁が板張りだったりと飾り気はないけど、天井から下げられているカラフルな三角旗や、様々なスパイスやハーブ類が入ったガラスのジャーが沢山並んだ棚等、シンプルさの中にちょっとしたアクセントがあって、なかなか素敵だなと思った。私たちは6月に行ったので、その後多少変わったかもしれない。


Last in the series of Asian restaurants in East London is Gujarati Rasoi on Bradbury Street, the same street with Bird Café, near Dalston Kingsland Road overground station.

Started with food stalls run by mother and son, selling Gujarati street food, now they opened a small restaurant in another fashionable area of Dalston. The restaurant opens only for dinner from Wednesday to Saturday, but their stalls are still at Exmouth Market (Tuesday – Friday) and Broadway Market (Saturdays), Borough Market (Monday – Wednesday), if you prefer takeaway lunch or Dalston is not in an easy reach. I tried to check their website for details, but it was not working at this moment.

Gujarati Rasoi offers traditional vegetarian Gujarati food based on their family recipes. According to Wikipedia, a cuisine in Gujarati region in west India, primarily vegetarian due to the influence of Jain vegetarianism and Hinduism. We went there in June, and the restaurant was bare simple with few tables with some of which overlook their open kitchen. It was quite a while ago and some details may have changed a bit since then. But I like their minimalistic interior with some cute touch, like colorful flags hanging from the ceiling and lots of glass jars containing a variety of spices and herbs displayed on the shelf high up.

The daily changing menu was quite short, like two starters, four sides, and two mains only. It is said that food is freshly made, and in fact I could feel it from their dishes. However, the portion was a bit small and not filling, partly because of its vegetarian concept. Can predominantly young customers with little money (or they have a lot maybe?) be satisfied like this? We are not young, but after the dinner we were still hungry…


注文した地ビールのMeantime India Pale Aleもあんまり好きじゃないかも。でもデザインは素敵。

I am not crazy about this Meantime India Pale Ale as well. But it’s a nice design.


Fabrica 584 Café @ Kingsland Road, Dalston

私たちがハックニーに引っ越してきた7年前、キングスランドロードやダルストンは、今とは少し違う様相だった。アフリカ産の野菜やハラールに即した肉類等を売るRidley Road Marketに象徴されるようにアフリカ人やカリブ海出身者が多いこの地区は、現在のような高層アパート群、洒落たお店やレストラン&カフェは全くなかった。それが2年前にOverground East London線が開通した後は、地価の上がったホクストンやショーディッチに手が出ないイギリス人やヨーロッパ人の若者がじわじわと侵出し始め、彼らをターゲットにした店が増えている。→以前のブログ記事:Tin CaféBird CaféOther Café

イタリア人が経営するFabrica 584もその一つ。この辺りにありがちな、ヴィンテージの家具やむき出しの壁や柱をそのまま活かした、カジュアルでエッジーな店内は、いかにもイーストロンドンらしい住民で賑わっている。イタリア人が得意とするのはやはり食べ物とコーヒー。ここも例外ではなく、サンドイッチは新鮮で美味しいし、コーヒーも文句なし。

When we moved in Hackney about 7 years ago, Kingsland Road and Dalston used to look quite different from now. There was no fancy apartment complex, stylish stores, hip restaurants/cafés, in this predominantly African and Caribbean neighborhood, represented by the place like Ridley Road Market selling exotic vegetables and Halal meat. Since London Overground East London line opened two years ago, young British and Europeans who can’t afford to live Hoxton and Shoreditch have gradually invaded this area, so as restaurants and cafés targeting those people. Tin Café, Bird Café, Other Café are some of them I wrote previously.

Italian-own Fabrica 584 café is another one of those. As other fellow cafés, the interior is rough, bare and edgy, and atmosphere is laid-back. What Italians are generally better than British at is food and coffee, and Fabrica 584 is not an exception. Their sandwiches were fresh and delicious, and my flat white was exactly the way I wanted (though flat white is not Italian invention).