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Thai Thai East @ Old Street

昨年のSkylonから1年ちょっと、レストラン予約サイト・Toptable(トップテーブル)のポイントがある程度たまった。有効期限(ポイント獲得から1年)が迫ったポイントがあったので、取りあえず近場で無料ディナーを提供するところを探して選んだのが、このThai Thai East。オールドストリート駅の西、St Luke’s Churchの斜め向かいにある。家から結構近いし、二人ともタイ料理は好物なのだけれども、インテリアが今イチなので、今回が初体験。かなり大きめのレストランだが、火曜日の9時半という遅い時間にも関わらず、結構繁盛していた。オールドストリートエリアという場所柄、若い人が多い。店内は、木彫りの壁飾りや仏像の置物等、いかにもタイレストランというたたずまいだが、もともとあったものなのか、天井には大きなステンドグラスがはめ込まれている。広い店内なのに、テーブルレイアウトが上手くされておらず、空いた空間があるかと思うと、私たちのテーブルは、両横とも10cm弱のスペースしかなく、もし他の客が横に座ったなら、ちょっと窮屈に感じたと思う。ちょっと遅い時間だったので、誰も座らなくてラッキーだったけれど。


After one year passed since we went to have a free reward dinner at Skylon, I have earned enough points of a restaurant reservation site Toptable, for another reward meal. As some of the points are about to expire (expiration: 1 year), I chose Thai Thai East, the nearest restaurant offering the toptable reward meal. Thai Thai East is located across St Luke’s Church, west of Old street station. It was our first time, though it is not so far from us and we both like Thai food, just because their interior is not our cup of tea. It was on Tuesday at 9:30pm, but this rather large restaurant was quite packed, with mostly young people. The interior is of a typical Thai restaurant, with wood-carving wall decorations and Buddha heads, but the ceiling was covered by the big stained glass, probably it’s been there from before. Although the restaurant has a large floor, the table layout is not well done – there some empty spaces here and there, but the space two sides of my table were almost nonexistent. Luckily, nobody came to sit next to us.

You choose an appetizer and a main from Lunch set menu (£8.95) for 2 course reward dinner, though it was at night (probably because the lunch menu is cheaper).  There is a good number of choice for both starters and mains, and also a vegetarian menu is available. We ordered Tom Yum chicken soup, Chicken Satay, and 2 Pad Thai (we always order Pad Thai every time we go to eat Thai). Although Tom Yum soup was a bit bland and tasteless, Satay was tender and juicy, and Pad Thai was quite good as well (not too sweet, not too salty). Service was modest but cordial, typical Thai, not like Chinese who are more pushy. The workers treated us pleasantly though we didn’t contribute much to the restaurant (we paid only drinks + service). I don’t strongly recommend this place (sorry I just don’t like the interior!), but it could be our place when we crave for Thai nearby.

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