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Kin Pan-Asian Restaurant @ Leather Lane, Clerkenwell

去年12月8日に、クラーケンウェルのLeather Laneにオープンした可愛いレストラン・Kin。タイ、東南アジア、チャイニーズ、日本食と、アジア諸国の「ストリート・フード」がメニューに並ぶ。色々な国の料理に手を広げるレストランはあんまり信用しないのだが、むき出しのレンガ壁、使い込まれたフロアリングやセンスの良い家具類など、素敵なインテリアにつられてトライしてみた。

私はランチメニューの中からJapanese Set(みそ汁+チキンカツカレー+ソフトドリンク=£9.80)、Mは好物のパッタイ(£7.80)を注文。日本のお椀の5倍はありそうな、みそ汁の巨大さにびっくり。不味くはないが、一人で食べきれない量なのでMに進呈。カツカレーは、カレーはちょっと水っぽく味が薄いので、チキンカツと一緒にご飯の上にのせず、スープとして食する。チキンカツは、あいにく店にはソースを置いていないので、醤油をかけていただいた。はっきり言って残念な出来で、日本のカレーには程遠い。Wagamamaのなんちゃってカレーの方がまだましなぐらいだ。Mのパッタイは、なかなか美味しいと思ったけど、何故かMは気に入らなかったらしい。


Kin is a cute restaurant, opened on December 8th last year on Leather Lane, Clerkenwell. It offers Pan-Asian “street food”, from countries such as Thailand, South East Asia, China and Japan. I normally don’t trust a restaurant which doesn’t focus on one cuisine, but I gave Kin a try because of its chic decor with exposed walls, vintage flooring and rusty-chic furniture.

I chose Japanese Set (Miso soup+chicken katsu curry+soft drink=£9.80), and M ordered his favorite Pad Thai (£7.80). Miso soup was served in a huge bowl, which is 5 times bigger than Japanese portion. It was not bad but too big for me, so M finished most of it. Curry was not as thick as Japanese curry should be and rather bland, so I had it as a soup, instead of eating with Chicken Katsu (deep-fried cutlet) as a sauce on the top of the rice. I had to eat tasteless Katsu without curry sauce, but with soy sauce (they didn’t have Worcester sauce…) – quite disappointing dish. Equally un-authentic Wagamama‘s curry is even better! I like M’s Pad Thai, but he didn’t like it for some reason.

There was no Italian coffee including M’s fix, espresso. Instead, a staff proudly told us that they have excellent Vietamese coffee and teas that are served from a hot water dispenser which keeps water at 70°, the best temperature for Asian teas. If you want Italian coffee around, try this place.

NOW: Chinese Street Food @ Liverpool Street


中国南部の屋台からインスピレーションを得たという「Chinese Street Food」は、お粥、ワンタンスープ、飲茶や餃子、肉まんなど。外から、中国人らしきしかめ面のおばさんが、ワンタンを手作りしているのが見えたので、少し期待したが、やはり、なんちゃってチャイニーズ。ワンタンスープ(£3.99)は、ワンタンの具が少し堅くてドライな感じ。それよりもスープが、甘みと酸味が少し強過ぎ、味にコクもない。見た目は美味しそうな飲茶6個セット(£3.99)も然り。今日のDaily Candyで取り上げられたから行ってみたけれど、失敗した。やっぱり、見た目だけ良い、似非チャイニーズには行くんじゃなかった!

We went to a new Chinese fast food restaurant “NOW”, opened next to Liverpool Street Station. Its colorful logo, wallpaper with Shanghai’s flashy neon signs, and slick interior are just on the trend of modern Asian fast food restaurant in London. NOW is a take-out shop, but also has some eat-in counter seats in its small space, as well as al fresco tables outside.

Their “Chinese Street Food“, inspired by the food stalls and street stands of Southern China, includes rice porridges, wonton soups, dim sum, dumplings and buns. I saw an Asian lady with frown face hand-making dumplings from outside, so I had a slight hope – but it was just another pseudo (and bad) Asian food. Wontons in their chicken won ton soup (£3.99) is a bit hard and dry, but more than that, the soup is blunt and little too sweet and sour. Good looking classic dim sum basket (£3.99) is another disappointment as well. We went NOW because it was today’s pick of Daily Candy, but it was a mistake – I shouldn’t have gone to another good looking but phony Oriental restaurant…

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British’s Favorite Foreign Cuisine


I am writing this blog while I am watching Italy vs Paraguay, the first World Cup match for Italians, the defending word champion. Players of Azzuri are about the same from the last World Cup including the coach,but just 4-year older, therefore it is anticipated that it is quit hard for them to maintain the championship. In addition, there is no player selected from Inter,  the team completed The Treble, becoming the first ever Italian team to achieve the feat, by winning the Scudetto, the Coppa Italia and the Champions League in a single season. Accordingly, it is reported that Italians are not excited much for this Word Cup game – yet.

少し前の記事だが、Cauldron Foodsの調査で、イギリス人の好きな外国料理のトップ8で、イタリア料理が堂々の1位に輝いた。2位のフレンチ、旧植民地だった3位のインディアンなどは納得できるが、7位、8位にメキシカン、ギリシャ料理がランクインしたのが意外。最近ブリートを売るファースト・フードショップ、メキシカン・レストランが増えていてるのはその人気のせいか。でもギリシャ料理店は、ロンドンにはあんまり多くないように思うんだけれど。

  1. Italian/イタリアン
  2. French/フレンチ
  3. Indian/インディアン
  4. American/アメリカン
  5. Chinese/チャイニーズ
  6. Other/その他
  7. Mexican/メキシカン
  8. Greek/ギリシャ料理

I read a while ago that Italian food is selected as the most favored foreign cuisine in UK, based on a study commissioned by Cauldron Foods. Sounds reasonable that French and Indian, a former British colony, come the second and the third, but it is a bit surprising that Mexican and Greek ranked rather high on number 7th and 8th. I don’t see many Greek in London, but now I get why Burrito shops and Mexican restaurants are spurning in the capital.


A survey by BBC’s Olive food magazine gives the similar result.  Over 40% of nearly 2,500 readers who participated the survey chose Italian as their favourite foreign food, followed by Indian food at 16%. Pasta is the most popular Italian dish, favoured by 26.5% of people, and the favourite sauce on pasta is Bolognese, followed by carbonara and then pesto. Lasagne is their second choice with 15% of votes and pizza is the third at 14%, followed by risotto. Although the teaching of Italian language is not commonplace in British schools, but Italian is their second-favourite language, after French. I thought Spanish would be the second, as Spain is the number one destination for British tourists and many Brits have a second house in Spain – I guess food is the powerful force for people to fall in love with a certain culture.

元に戻るが、Cauldron Foodsの調査によると、昨年イギリスの食卓に上った料理10皿のうち、6皿は外国料理だったそうだ。これを受けて、Cauldron Foodsの広報は、「it’s clear that we Brits are actually some of the most adventurous and cosmopolitan foodies in the world(私たちイギリス人は、世界の中でも冒険的でコスモポリタンなグルメであることは確か」 とのコメントを出したけれど、その割にアフリカ料理やカリビアン料理など、ロンドンに多く住む移民たちのエスニック・フードは、インディアンを除いて移民街以外ではあんまり見かけないし、タイ料理やベトナム料理に比べて人気もないし、トレンドにもならない。これで、世界的にもコスモポリタン、と自負するのはちょっと行き過ぎ?

Back to Cauldron Foods survey, 6 out of 10 meals prepared in British households last year were derived from foreign culinary traditions. Cauldron Foods PR says, “it’s clear that we Brits are actually some of the most adventurous and cosmopolitan foodies in the world”, but I hardly see a certain ethnic food restaurant such as African and Carribian cuisine outside their community. Though there are lots of people from these countries living in London, these ethnic restaurants have not the same popularity as other exotic cuisines like Thai or Vietnamese. Isn’t it a too much boast to call themselves ‘cosmopolitan’ with this result??

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Caravan Café / Bar / Restaurant @ Exmouth Market

Exmouth Marketに最近出来たダウンアンダー(オーストラリアとニュージーランドを指す)系カフェ/バー/レストラン、Caravan。陽当たりが良くてゆったりしていて、居心地が良く、天気のいい午後を過ごすのにもってこいの場所。使い古された感じのテーブルやカウンターもいい感じだし、スタッフもフレンドリーで気持ちがいい。1日中オープンしていて、朝食、ランチ/ブランチ、軽食から夕食まで、時間帯に応じてメニューが変わる。チャイニーズやジャパニーズ等アジアンテイストを加えた「Australasian(オーストラレーシア)」料理は、クリエイティブすぎて、メニューを見ただけでは、どんな料理が出てくるのか、いまいち想像できない。Snack & Small Platesメニュー(ランチタイムとディナーの間の、スナック・軽食メニュー)としばらくにらめっこしたあげく、Sharing Plate(2人分の盛り合わせ。ソーセージ、ファラフェルフムス、なすのレリッシュ、チーズ、にんじんのピクルスとピタパンのセット:£9)とArabica Oxtail, Herb Salad, and Crème fraîche Polenta(アラビカ種のコーヒーでマリネした牛の尾の煮込み、ハーブサラダ、発酵したクリームで作ったポレンタ:£7)を注文。ニュージーランド出身のPeter Gordonが経営する、Maryleboneにある人気店・The Providoresの元ヘッド・シェフだったMiles Kirby作だけあって、どちらも洗練された味で、とても美味しい。ランチタイムに行かなかった私たちが悪いのだけれど、ランチとしては量が少なくて、少々物足りなかったかな。デザートの、フィナンシェヨーグルトとジャムのミックス添え(メニューを見ずカウンターで頼んだので正確には何のソースかわからない)も、やみつきになりそうな味。ダウンアンダー系カフェでは必須、最近ロンドンでカプチーノを凌ぐ人気Flat White(フラット・ホワイト)のビターな味と、とても良く合う。

Caravan is a Down Under all-day eatery/Café/Bar and the newcomer to hip Exmouth Market. Airy and bright, Caravan is relaxed and laid back place to chill out in nice sunny afternoon. Rusty wood counters and tables give the place extra coziness, as well as their friendly and attentive service. It opens all day and serves anything from breakfast, lunch to snacks&small plates and dinner. Its creative Australasian food with an Oriental twist is quite complicated and I could hardly visualize the dish. After struggling a while with their Snack & Small Plates menu (we went there in between lunch and dinner time), we decided to order Sharing Plate (Merguez sausage, falafel, hummus, eggplant relish, sheep’s cheese, carrot pickle and pita £9) and Arabica Oxtail, Herb Salad, and Crème fraîche Polenta (£7). Chef Miles Kirby is a former head chef of popular The Providores owned by New Zealander Peter Gordon in Marylebone, and both dishes are quite sophisticated and delicious, though a bit too small for our empty stomachs – it was our fault that we went there after the lunch time. Friand with yoghurt and jam sauce? (I am not sure what it is, as I just ordered at the counter without looking at the menu) on the side was yummy and pretty addictive, and was a perfect match with strong Flat White, the new big thing for London’s coffee drinkers.

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Ping Pong Dim Sum Restaurant @ South Bank

今日、サウス・バンクで映画を観た後、Ping Pongという飲茶レストランに行った。インテリアはモダンでスタイリッシュなのだが(中はかなり暗いけれど)、味が今イチなので、行きたくはなかったのだが、時間は既に11時をまわっており、ここしか開いているところがなかったのだ。Ping Pongにもラスト・オーダー直前の11時25分に駆け込んだ。ロンドンは大都会にも関わらず、大概のレストランは11時で閉まってしまうので、それ以降は、ケバブぐらいしかチョイスがない。24時間営業のコンビニもないしね(南アジア系やトルコ系の食料品は24時間営業のところも少しあるけれど)。だから、コンサートに行ったり、夜遅い時間の映画を見たりする時は、気をつけないとディナーを食いはぐれてしまう。だからと言って、午後6時にディナーするのはちょっと私には早すぎる。

多くのチャイニーズ・レストランがひしめくロンドンだけれど、最近までお洒落なチャイニーズがなかったので、20代の若者を中心にPing Pong人気が広がり、今やロンドンに12店を構えるチェーンに成長した。コテコテのチャイニーズ・レストランのせっかちなサービスではなく、普通のレストランのようにゆっくりできるのはいいのだけれど、お味の方がインテリアに追いついていない。不味くはないけれど、何と言うか、冷凍餃子や焼売を電子レンジでチンしました的な味がするのだ。値段は飲茶にしては若干高めで量も少なく、特に大食漢のMの食後の満足度は低い。同じ値段払うなら、Phoenix PlaceRoyal China等の飲茶の有名店の方が断然お得!お店は全然お洒落じゃないけれどね。

We went to Ping Pong Dim Sum restaurant after I saw a movie in the South Bank.  The restaurant is pretty modern and London-ish, but although we didn’t want to eat there because their food is quite rubbish, there was no other choice as it was after 11pm. It’s a shame that most restaurants close at 11pm in London, where there are a lot of entertainment finish late at night, and I don’t want to eat my dinner at 6pm! If you are a tourist, you must check the ending time when you go to theaters and concerts, otherwise you may miss your dinner.

There are millions of Chinese restaurants in London but there are not many chic places for trendy twentysomethings, so Ping Pong was welcomed with fascination when the first restaurant opened on Great Marlborough Street. Now it has become an established chain with 12 branches across London. I can sit and enjoy normal service at Ping Pong, which is a good thing, in compare to a ‘real’ Chinese restaurant where waiters and waitresses always annoy you with rushy service, like flying bees. But the problem is that their food is simply not good enough – it is not terrible, but it tastes like, frozen dumplings and shumai warmed up with a microwave. The price is a bit overpriced and the amount is small, so our overall satisfaction is quite low, especially for a big-eater M. If I have to pay the same price, the famous Dim Sum places like Phoenix Place and Royal China are much better than Ping Pong – though the places are typical Chinese and nothing is fancy.

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