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I AM LOVE (IO SONO L’AMORE) @ Barbican Cinema

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フィクサー』でアカデミー助演女優賞をしたイギリス人女優、ティルダ・スウィントンが主演のイタリア映画「I AM LOVE (IO SONO L’AMORE)」を観た。

I AM LOVEは、ミラノの裕福なRecchi(レッキ)家が舞台。一家の財産を築き上げた家長のEdoardo Recchi Sr.(エドアルド・レッキ・シニア)は、引退を決意、その会社の実権を息子のTancredi(タンクレディ)と孫のEdoardo Jr(エドアルド・ジュニア)に譲った。エドアルド・ジュニアは、会社の仕事以外にも、友人のAntonio(アントニオ)とともに、郊外にレストランをオープンする計画をたてている。ティルダ・スウィントン演じるEmma(エンマ)は、タンクレディのロシア人妻で、4人の成長した子供の母親。タンクレディと結婚し、ミラノに移り住んできてから、ロシア人としてのアイデンティティを捨て、夫に与えられた新しい名前、「エンマ」と生きていくことを決意し、ミラノの上流階級の生活に馴染もうと努力してきた。その完璧なイメージと裏腹に、レッキ家の人々の人生は急速に変わっていった。娘のElisabetta(エリザベッタ)はレズビアンで、留学先のロンドンでカミングアウトして新しい人生を送ろうとしていた。ロシア人としての母を敬愛するエドアルド・ジュニアは、ビジネスの厳しい現実を知り幻滅、また会社の「明るい未来」のために、祖父の興した会社を手放すことを受け入れざるを得ず、失意の中にいた。レッキ家の名に恥じないよう頑張ってきたエンマは、ありのままの自分を受け入れてくれる息子の友人・アントニオと恋に落ちたことによって、抑圧していた 情熱が解き放された。許されない恋に落ちたエンマの「パンドラの箱」が開けられ、悲劇がレッキ家を襲い、家族は崩壊を迎える。


We saw an Italian movie “I AM LOVE (IO SONO L’AMORE)”, starring British actress Tilda Swinton, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Michael Clayton.

I AM LOVE is the story of the Milan’s wealthy Recchi family. Edoardo Recchi Sr. is the patriarch who made a family fortune, and has given shared ownership of his industrial company to both his son Tancredi, and his grandson Edoardo Jr. Edoardo Jr. also has another plan of opening a restaurant with his chef friend, Antonio. Emma (Tilda Swinton) is Tancredi’s Russian wife and a mother of her four grown children. She has adopted the culture of Milan’s upper class since she married to Tancredi and moved to Milan – sealing her identity as a Russian and taking a new name ‘Emma’ that her husband gave her. Behind the flawless facade of perfect aristocratic life, the Recchi family’s lives are rapidly changing. Emma finds out that her daughter Elisabetta is a lesbian and she starts her new life in London with her girlfriend. Edoardo Jr., who adores his mother’s Russian side, is disappointed with a ‘harsh reality’ of business and is forced to let the family business go out of his hand by selling the company for its ‘better future’. Emma tries to keep up the elegant image of the Recchi family, but her life turns upside down when she falls in love with Antonio, a friend of her son, who unleashes her long repressed passion and true identity. Once the Emma’s Pandora’s box is open, a tragedy hits the family that leads the family fallen apart.

The story itself is typical melodrama and nothing new, but the cinematography is very atmospheric and stylish, portraying Milan and Italian countryside enigmatically and beautifully. Italian Futurism typeface and impressive score by a minimalist composer John Adams are perfectly matched with the classic atmosphere of the movie as well. The simple yet elegant costumes designed by Jil Sander are also chic and cool. Though well-known eccentric actress Tilda Swinton is a bit weird in the movie as I expected, her existence glows and stands out in the screen. I quite like I AM LOVE, masterfully describing gorgeous but rigid aristocratic lifestyle, like film directors of 70’s golden age of Italian cinema such as Visconti, Antonioni, and Pasolini did. Highly recommend this movie.

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