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Wahaca Southbank Experiment @ Southbank

ロンドンで人気のメキシカン・ストリート・フードのチェーン、Wahaca(ワハカ)が、18ヶ月の期間限定でサウスバンクセンターに今年7月にオープンさせたのが、このWahaca Southbank Experiment



Popular Mexican street food restaurant Wahaca opened a funky temporary venue Wahaca Southbank Experiment, running at Southbank Centre for 18 months from July 2012.

It’s built from 8 recycled shipping containers arranged to create an interlinked open space on 2 levels which house a restaurant as well as a tequila bar with panoramic river views. The walls were decorated with colourful ‘Mexicana’ graffiti by two graffiti artists, Saner and Remed. Every month new special menus are introduced and the most popular of which makes it onto the regular menu in all Wahaca restaurants.

We went there on hot & sunny day at the end of July, and it was quite nice sitting next to the opened windows, though I am afraid it is too cold now to open the windows or to sit outside except hard-core smokers. On the day, the restaurant was busy and staffs were overwhelmed, therefore service was very slow, but their food was fresh and yummy enough to improve our mood.

熱々のタコスとブリート / Tacos & Burrito