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Art under Attack: Histories of British Iconoclasm @ Tate Britain

テートブリテンのArt under Attack: Histories of British Iconoclasm展(10月2日〜2014年1月5日)は、16世紀に始まったイコノクラスム(宗教的聖像やシンボル、遺物等の破壊を伴う聖像破壊運動)から現代にかけて、イギリスにおける芸術への攻撃の歴史を紹介する展覧会。時系列に、宗教・政治・Aesthetics(美的観点)3つのセクションに分かれており、攻撃された絵画や彫刻、写真、書物等の展示を通じ、破壊に至った背景や理由を探求する。

宗教のセクションでは、ヘンリー8世の命により、16〜17世紀にかけて政府が強行したDissolution of the Monasteries修道院解散)に始まり、宗教改革、偶像崇拝を恐れる支配者や清教徒による宗教芸術への攻撃の様子が、頭部を切断されたキリスト像や砕かれたステンドグラス、キリストや聖人の顔がくりぬかれた時祷書などから見て取れる。私たちはイギリスのあちこちにある修道院の遺跡を見て回るのが好きなのだが、廃墟となった修道院には、こういった歴史的背景があったのだ。


芸術への攻撃は、作品や作品の表現内容への不満が動機となることがあるが、最後のセクションでは、メディアでの言論攻撃や個人による破壊行為にさらされたテート収蔵品3点の他、見る者に破壊の様子を体験させるAuto-destructive art オート・ディストラクティブ・アート)や、変容や解体、破壊を表現した作品など、既存のアートを否定するアーティスト側からのアプローチに焦点を当てている。


展覧会の様子(写真):Dow Jones Architects

Tate Britain’s Art under Attack: Histories of British Iconoclasm (Oct 2 – Jan 5, 2014) is an exhibition exploring the history of Iconoclasm (defined as deliberate destruction of icons, symbols or monuments) and attacks on art in Britain from the 16th century to now. The exhibition examines the movements and causes which have led to assaults on art through objects, paintings, sculpture and archival material in three chronological sections: Religion, Politics and Aesthetics.

The Religion sections presents from state-administered iconoclasm under Henry VIII including the Dissolution of the Monasteries during 16th and 17th centuries to attacks on religious art that began with the Reformation and by later rulers and Puritan reformers who feared idolatry. You can see destructive acts on religion and religious art such as statues of Christ decapitated, smashed stained glass, fragments of the rood screen and a defaced book of hours. Dissolution was a tragic incident to British religious communities, but I fascinated by monastery ruins I have seen throughout the countries.

Political iconoclasm encompasses the examples of attacks on symbols of authority during periods of political change, such as breaking statues and monuments, and attacks on paintings in museums and galleries by the militant Suffragettes (second photo below).

Attacks on art can be motivated by unhappiness with the artwork or the ideas it represents. Aesthetics section explores Tate works subjected to verbal attacks in the press and to physical attacks by individuals, as well as destruction on art by artists themselves, such as Auto-destructive art movement and transformational practices applied by artists.

Concept of the exhibition is unique and fascinating, but overall, the show itself seems a bit superficial to me and the issues are not examined in depth – probably because it consists of three different sections. Especially the last section focused on different perspective from the first two with which I enjoyed, and I felt like seeing two different shows. A bit out of focus.

More photos of exhibition : Dow Jones Architects


The missing figures in Canterbury’s stained glass


‘Surveillance Photograph of Militant Suffragettes’ by Criminal Record Office (National Portrait Gallery)

Chair 1969 by Allen Jones

1980年代に国際女性デーの日に攻撃にあった、テート所蔵品・Allen Jones作「Chair(1969)」

Allen Jones’s Chair 1969, damaged on International Women’s Day in the 1980s

Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life @ Tate Britain

ここ数ヶ月の間に見た展覧会の中で一番印象に残っている、テートブリテンの「Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life」展のこと、ブログに書こう書こうと思っていて、ふと気付いたらもう10月。今月20日に終わる前にと慌てて筆を取った、もといキーボードに向かった。

イギリス人アーティスト・Laurence Stephen Lowry(ローレンス・スティーブン・ローリー)、略してLS Lowryは、イングランド北部ランカシャー州にある産業の街・Stretford生まれのイギリス人アーティストで、20世紀半ばのイングランド北部の産業地帯を好んで描いたことで知られる。海外ではあまり名は知られていないが、イギリスでは最も人気のある画家の一人だ。19世紀後半のフランスの絵画に影響を受けたローリーは、サッカーの試合やデモ行進、工場へ通勤する人々等、炭坑や工場、テラスハウスと呼ばれる集合住宅を背景に、「matchstick men(マッチ棒のように細長い人間)」と呼ばれる独特の作風で、産業革命で栄えた北部イングランドの労働者階級の人々の日常生活を生き生きと描いた。



→参考サイト:BBC YOUR PAINTINGS: Laurence Stephen Lowry painting

Although Tate Britain’s “Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life” is one of my favorite exhibitions in recent years, I have been postponing to write about it with no reason, but suddenly I realized that the exhibition is going to end soon on 20th this month (can’t believe it’s already October!) and finally I picked up the pen, no, started to type the keyboard.

Laurence Stephen Lowry, or simply L.S. Lowry is an English artist, born in industrial city of Stretford, Lancashire, and is known for his paintings of the industrial landscapes of the north of England in the mid-20th century. He is not known well abroad, but is one of the most popular painters in UK. Influenced by French painting of the later 19th century, Lowry painted  everyday life of working class people with a style often referred to as “matchstick men”, with background of coalmines, factories and terraced houses, as well as people going football matches and protest marches – typical urban landscapes of North England where once had been flourished during industrial revolution.

Lowry studied painting part-time in evening classes, and later only painted at night after work. He worked full-time for his whole life as a clerk and continued to be chief cashier at the Pall Mall Property Company in Manchester, even after he achieved success as a painter in his 60s.
Interestingly, Lowry rejected five honours during his life, including a knighthood, and holds the record for the most rejected British honours.

From Lowry’s painting, I can feel vitality and power of the people and the community, where now lost past glory after many factories and mines closed down, sadly. Highly recommended, and you shouldn’t miss it.

BBC YOUR PAINTINGS: Laurence Stephen Lowry paintings

BP Walk through British Art @ Tate Britain

5月14日から始まったテートブリテンのBP Walk through British Artは、1500年代から現代に至るイギリス・アートのナショナルコレクションで、過去500年に制作された500以上の作品を20以上のギャラリールームに時系列に配している。Francis Baconフランシス・ベーコン)、John Constableジョン・コンスタブル)、William Hogarthウィリアム・ホガース)、 Thomas Gainsboroughトマス・ゲインズバラ)、 George Stubbsジョージ・スタッブス)、J.M.W. Turnerジョゼフ・マロード・ウィリアム・ターナー)、Gwen JohnStanley SpencerL.S.LowryJohn Everett Millaisジョン・エヴァレット・ミレー)、Bridget RileyDamien Hirstダミアン・ハースト)、 David Hockneyデイヴィッド・ホックニー)、Rachel Whitereadなど、イギリスの名だたるアーティストの作品を含む膨大なコレクションには圧倒される。

時系列展示以外に、一つの作品 / アーティスト / テーマをより深く掘り下げるBP Spotlightコレクションシリーズの新しいディスプレイも見物。現在、コンスタブルThe CornfieldImage of the British SchoolMoving Images: Painting and Early Film、アート教育におけるBasic Design展のほか、Keith ArnattRose WylieDouglas Gordonなど近代アーティストのコレクションを見ることが出来る。イギリス人アーティストたちが描いた風景画を集めたLooking at the View展を含むと、テートブリテンだけで膨大な量のイギリスアートが楽しめるのだが、これを全部見て回るのは、なかなか目も頭も足も疲れる。途中でワインの一杯でも飲んで、ゆっくり見て回るのがお薦め。

BP Walk through British Art (from May 14) is a new chronological presentation of the national collection of British art in a chronological display – a walk through time from the 1500s to the present day. This massive collection of British art over the past 500 years comprises around 500 artworks in over 20 galleries, and includes works by major British artists such as Francis BaconJohn ConstableWilliam HogarthThomas GainsboroughGeorge StubbsJ.M.W. TurnerGwen JohnStanley SpencerL.S.LowryJohn Everett MillaisBridget RileyDamien HirstDavid Hockney, and Rachel Whiteread (more details on the press release).

Alongside this chronological circuit, Tate Britain hosts a new series of seasonal BP Spotlight collection displays, which offer more depth on particular artworks, artists or themes: current displays include Constable’s The Cornfield, Image of the British SchoolMoving Images: Painting and Early Film, and Basic Design in art education, as well as on recent artists including Keith Arnatt, Rose Wylie and Douglas Gordon. Together with Looking at the View” which explores the ways British artists have framed the view in their work, you can spend all day immersing yourself in British Art. Very interesting to see the British art all at once, but bit draining – I need a glass of wine in between.


New permanent gallery devoted to Henry Moore with substantial display of his work

BP Spotlights on Rose Wylie