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Panino Giusto @ Royal Exchange, Bank

ミラノに本店を置くイタリアのサンドイッチ・チェーン、Panino Giustoが4月22日、ロンドン一号店をバンク駅近くにあるRoyal Exchange Buildings(旧王立取引所)内にオープンさせた。1979年にミラノに最初の店を構えたPanino Giustoは、現在ミラノを中心にイタリアに22店、東京・横浜に計5店を展開。多様なパニーニ・サンドイッチの他、Stuzzico(アペタイザー、食欲をそそるの意)、サラダ、ハムやサラミ、チーズ、数は少ないが肉料理、そしてセレクトされたイタリアンワインが楽しめる(イタリア語メニュー)。


Milan-based Italian sandwich chain, Panino Giusto opened its first restaurant in London on April 22 at Royal Exchange Buildings near Bank (Panino Giusto blog). Panino Giusto now has 22 restaurants in Italy (17 in Milan) and 5 in Japan (I didn’t know that), after 30 years of opening its first restaurant in Milan in 1979. You can enjoy a wide range of toasted panini sandwiches, cold & hot dishes such as Stuzzico (appetiser, stimulate an appetite in Italian), charcuteries and cheeses, salad, and few meat dishes as well as selected Italian wines (menu in Italian only). 

This elegant two-floor restaurant can host 140 diners, and opens from 11.30am to midnight, Monday to Friday. Located in the heart of the financial heart of London, the restaurant obviously targets city business people. But on contrary to its posh look, their freshly made food is rather reasonable, and their panini cost no more than £8 except few. Montagu panino with roast beef cost £6.80, and generous portion of Caprese with Mozzarella cheese and san dried tomato is £6.80 (photo below). So chamomile tea for £3.00 seems pricey in compare.

Doug Patterson’s Artworks @ Bank Station Exits

先日、Bank(バンク)駅を出る時にふと気づいたイラスト。アーティストのDoug Patterson(ダグ・パターソン)が1995年に、London Underground(ロンドン地下鉄)のコミッションで、各出口周辺の光景を描いたもので、各出口で違った作品が見られる。「バンク」駅の名の元になったBank of England(イングランド銀行)をはじめ、エナメル板に描かれた線画イラストは、ロンドン名物のバスだけが赤く着色されている。ダグ・パターソンは1997年にも、ホワイトチャペル駅のプラットフォームにアート作品を描いているが(Flickr写真)、原色を多用したホワイトチャペル駅の作品より、バンク駅の作品の方が落ち着いていて、私はこちらの方が好きだ。


I found these drawings at exits of the Bank station. These are artworks by Doug Patterson, commissioned by London Underground in 1995, portraying scenery around each exit, including the Bank of England from which the name ‘Bank’ came. I really like these black line drawings on enamel panels with red only on London’s famous red buses. Doug Patterson also created platform artworks at the Whitechapel stationFlickr images) as well in 1997, but in compare to the Whtechapel’s with too many colors, I prefer the more modest ones at the Bank station.

I took six pictures of what I could find, but the Bank station is quite a big station, interlinking three tube lines and Docklands Light Railway, and I might have missed few. I went on the internet but I could find more information about the artworks…