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It’s not Princi, it’s VIVO!

Vivoは、エンジェルのUpper Streetに新しく出来た(8月頃だと思う)、イタリアン・ベーカリー&カフェ&バー。イタリア語で「活気のある」という意味のVivoの長さ14mもある花崗岩製フードカウンターには、四角くスライスしたピッツァ・アル・タッリョ、ラザーニャ、パスタサラダなど各種サラダといった、イタリアから輸入した材料で作ったイタリアのお惣菜をはじめ、イタリアのスウィーツやペイストリーなど、美味しそうなものがずらりと並んでいる。ランチやディナーなどちゃんとした食事も出来るし、カフェとしてナポリ風コーヒーとドルチェを楽しんだり、おつまみと一緒にイタリアン・ワインを傾けるのもいい。


Vivo Bakery-Café-Bar is a new casual Italian eatery on Upper Street, Islington. It opened in August, I believe. Vivo (“lively, vivacious, soulful, vibrant” in Italian) offers all day a selection of Italian prepared dishes using the regional Italian ingredients, such as pizza ‘al taglio’ (rectangular slices), lasagne, a variety of fresh salads, as well as a range of Italian desserts, pastries and sweets. You can see them all showcased on 14-m long granite food counter. You can eat lunch or dinner, have a cup of Neapolitan coffee & dolce, or drink Italian wines with nibbles.

Now I want to ask you a question – does Vivo remind you of something? May be Princi in SOHO? Indeed, their concept of cafeteria style is the same, their interior looks alike, and their range of food is almost identical. Maybe they copied Princi or maybe not. But I don’t care, and probably other customers. There is only one Princi in London so far, and it is much easier for us to come to nearby Angel. Their food is authentic and great as Princi, and it is more relaxed, not like as Princi where is always packed of people and noisy.

Melanzane alla Parmigiana(なすのチーズ焼き:右)とパスタサラダ

Melanzane alla Parmigiana (right) and pasta salad.