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Allpress Roastery Café @ Redchurch Street

高品質のコーヒーと居心地の良さ、センスの良いインテリアで、最近ロンドンでますます人気上昇中のダウンアンダー系(オーストリア・ニュージーランド)カフェに、新顔が登場した。ニュージーランドのコーヒー焙煎業者・Allpress Coffeeのカフェが、East London line(イースト・ロンドン・ライン)のShoreditch High Street(ショーディッチ・ハイストリート)駅の開通に伴い、最近急速にお洒落なエリアになりつつあるRedchurch Streetに、約1ヶ月前にオープンした(参考:Albion Café/Franzé & Evans/Pizza East)。


オーストラリアとニュージーランドでは既に焙煎業者として高い評判を得ているAllpress Coffeeの、厳選したコーヒー豆(カフェでも販売している)と高い焙煎技術、徹底して温度管理された水、そしてLa Marzoccoエスプレッソマシンでいれたコーヒーの味は完璧。奥のキッチンで作られた、生ハムやローストした野菜、サーモンなど定番の素材に、スパイスや素材の組み合わせでちょっとひねりを利かせたサンドイッチ類も、通いたくなる味。店員も皆フレンドリーで、気持ちいい。

Downunder cafés which are increasingly popular with high quality coffee and laid-back and chic interior, has its new member in its London’s café circle – New Zealand’s renown roastery, Allpress Coffee opened its first café and roastery in London about a month ago, on rapidly changing Redchurch Street near newly opened East London line‘s Shoreditch High Street station (nearby places: Albion Café/Franzé & Evans/Pizza East).

Entering the café, you see a roaster area equipped with industrial-looking machines and big sac of fair trade coffee beans piled up. On the left is a simple and cozy café space where you can check all kinds of newspaper from the Financial Times to liberal Independent. The café is already popular among trendy Shoreditch coffee lovers in one month of its business, and is packed on weekend and quite busy even on weekday afternoon.

Already earned high reputation as a wholesale roaster in Australia and New Zealand, Allpress’s espresso, using fairly traded coffee beans (also for sale at the café) and brewed with a La Marzocco espresso machine and accurately temperature-controlled water, is excellent. Their sandwiches, prepared onsite, using fresh ingredients such as salmon, prosciutto and roasted vegetables with some creative twists in combination and use of spices and herbs, is another reason to come back to the café again, as well as the pleasant friendliness of the staff.