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Cologne Christmas Market @ Southbank

今年で3回目となるCologne Christmas Marketが12月23日まで、テムズ川沿いのSouthbank Centre/Royal Festival Hall(サウス・バンク・センターロイヤル・フェスティバル・ホールとLondon Eye(ロンドン・アイ)の間で開催中。伝統的なドイツのクリスマス・マーケットをロンドンに再現したこのマーケットには、60近くの木造のシャレーが並び、ブラートヴルスト(ドイツのソーセージ)、グリューワイン、ハート形のジンジャーブレッド、ローストしたアーモンドやキャンディーなどのフード&ドリンク、そして手作りのおもちゃやジュエリー、レース、ろうそく、陶芸品や、クリスマスツリーのオーナメントなどの工芸品を売っている。また、メリーゴーランドや、子供向けの30分のショーが行われるSanta’s Secret Villageもある。


Cologne Christmas Market is taking place for the third time between the Southbank Centre/Royal Festival Hall and London Eye along the River Thames. Bringing a traditional German Christmas Market to London, around 60 traditionally decorated wooden chalets sell German specialty such as “Bratwurst”, a glass of “Glühwein” (German Mulled Wine), gingerbread hearts, roasted almonds and candies, as well as handcrafted gifts, toys, jewelry, hand tatted laces, candles, ceramics and glass ornaments for Christmas tree. There are also the carousel and Santa’s Secret Village that houses 30-minute children’s shows, to entertain small visitors.

These photos are of last year’s, but it is more or less the same this year. I went to Christmas markets in Vienna few years ago, and it was much more fun than the Southbank’s, which is rather sad and depressing. Christmas markets in Vienna was more glittering and lively that gave me true festive feelings. Visitors there looked far more happier than the ones in Southbank who looked bored or little interested. The organizer must work harder, instead of just making a bad copy of a festivity from foreign culture.

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