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London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011

2011年春秋コレクションを披露するロンドン・ファッション・ウィーク(年2回開催)が、9月17日から21日まで開催中。British Fashion Council (BFC/ブリティッシュ・ファッション・カウンシル)が企画、2月と9月の年2回行われるロンドン・ファッション・ウィークは、1984年に始まり、現在ニューヨーク、パリ、ミラノと並んで「Big Four」ファッション・ウィークに数えられる。ポール・スミスやヴィヴィアン・ウェストウッドをはじめとするイギリスのトップ・デザイナーの作品発表の場である他、1993年よりNEWGEN(New Generation)と銘打った若手デザイナーのサポートにも力を入れている。メインの会場はサマセット・ハウスだけれど、ロンドンの他の場所でもショーが行われている。ファッション・ウィークは、ファッション関係者のためのものだけれど、その直後にあるLondon Fashion Weekend(ロンドン・ファッション・ウィークエンド)は、一般にも開放される。



2011 Spring/Summer London Fashion Week is taking place from September 17 to 21. Organised by the British Fashion Council (BFC), London Fashion Week which is held twice a year in February and September, first took place in 1984, and now is one of the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks together with New York, Paris and Milan. The main venue for events is Somerset House, but many shows take place at other venues in London. A list of participating designers includes leading British designers such as Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood, but London Fashion Week also supports young emerging designers with NEWGEN (New Generation) scheme since 1993. London Fashion Week is a trade show, but a retail-focused event London Fashion Weekend which takes place immediately afterwards is open to the public.

I am not a big fashionista, but today we just happened to pass through the after-show scene nearby. We saw many Mercedez (show sponsor) with logos of fashion magazines such as ‘Vogue’ and ‘Grazia‘ as well as large model agency ‘elite‘ stuck in a small street, then some models striking a pose in front of  photographers. The model in black feather jacket looked familiar but I don’t know her name. Fashion models are all beautiful but more or less all look similar  – dresses they wear should be the object of attention and probably they shouldn’t stand out on a catwalk.

I really think fashion is a very tough job: designers always dare to come up with a new idea twice a year; models have to eat tiny apple a day to keep their skin & bones figures; and fashion journalists fly all over the world chasing the fashion trend. Only fanatics about fashion can work in the fashion industry, I guess.

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