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London Eye: Happy 10th Anniversary!

今日3月9日はLondon Eye(ロンドン・アイ)の10回目の誕生日。ミレニアム記念事業として2000年に一般客に開放された、直径135mの世界最大規模の観覧車のロンドン・アイは、年間380万人が訪れるロンドンの新しいシンボルとなった。この10年間の間に3600万人もの人々がここからロンドンの眺めを楽しみ、計433組のカップルがここで結婚式を挙げた。今年のバレンタイン・デーには、34ものプロポーズがなされたという。

10周年を記念し、今日7時以降にロンドン・アイを利用すると、Pommery(ポメリー)のシャンパン1杯が無料で振る舞われ、ロンドン・アイがライトアップされるなどの記念イベントが行われる。また、3月8日から17日までの10日間、lastminutes.comでは通常£18するチケットが£10(大人料金。5〜15歳の子供は10%の£8.55)で買えるほか、ロンドン・アイを経営するMerlin Entertainmentも、3月中は朝10時の搭乗に限り、大人£10・子供£5の10周年記念チケットを販売している。


Today on March 9th is the 10th birthday for London Eye. Built as a part of Tony Blair’s millenium projects, London Eye is one of the largest Ferris wheel at height of 135m (443 ft) , and has been a new symbol of London that welcomes 3.8 million visitors a year. During the 10 years, total of more than 36 million people have visited the site, and 433 weddings have taken place. On this Valentine’s Day, 34 proposals had been made in the capsules.

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary, the visitors are treated to a free glass of Pommery champagne from 7pm and onwwards today, as well as a light show and onsite entertainment. The lastminutes.com offers an adult ticket for a bargain price of £10 (normally £18 per adult. 10% discounted price of £8.55 for a child from 5 to 15 years), between March 8th and 17th. Merlin Entertainment, the owner of London Eye, also has the 10th Birthday offer for the 10am Standard Flight for £10 for an adult and £5 for a child, during this March.

I took the London Eye twice so far: the view from the wheel is nice (but not breathtaking), but considering usual adult fare of £18 and lengthy 30 minutes ‘flight’ (it is called probably because British Airways was the previous owner?), I can enjoy just looking at it from the ground or from the boat on the Thames river. Especially London Eye looks spectacular at night when it is lighten up, and on the new year’s celebration with fireworks.

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