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Processed Meat Panic

Bacon Sandwich

ヨーロパ全体を巻き込んだ馬肉混入問題の熱気も冷めやらぬ3月7日、イギリス各紙に、「加工肉は死のリスクを高める」というショッキングな見出しが踊った。ここでいう加工肉とは、保存のため、燻製、塩漬け、乾燥、または添加物を加えた食肉で、ソーセージやベーコン、ハム、サラミ、パテなどが含まれる。ご存知の通り、イングリッシュ・ブレックファストミートパイシェパーズパイ、ハムやベーコンのサンドイッチ、ソーセージ&マッシュ(ポテト)など、加工肉はイギリスの食生活の中で大きな比率を占めている。そのため、このニュースはイギリス人を一時、恐怖とパニック状態に陥れた(BBC news)。

スイスの社会・予防医学研究所とチューリッヒ大学、そしてヨーロッパの多くの団体によって行われたこの研究(詳細:NHS choice)では、最も加工肉を食べた被験者(1日160g以上)は、最も少なく食べた人(1日10g以下)に比べ、44%も死亡率が高いという結果が出た。調査に関わった研究者によると、もし全被験者が1日20g以下の加工肉を食べていたと仮定する場合、全体の死の3.3%が防げたと見積もる。この計算をベースに、Daily MailTelegraphなどは「死の30分の1は加工肉が原因」と結論づけた。


After the sensational report of horse meat scandal, another shocking headline appeared on UK media on March 7th: eating a lot of processed meat can increase the risk of premature death. Processed meat refers to meat that has been preserved by smoking, curing, salting or adding preservatives, including sausages, bacon, ham, salami and pâtés. The processed meat is a considerable part of British diet, namely English breakfast, savoury pies, ham or bacon sandwiches, and sausages & mash. So the news has caused fear among people (BBC news). 

The study (details: NHS choice) was carried out by researchers from the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Zurich, Switzerland, and other institutions across Europe. One of the main findings was that people in the study who ate the most processed meat (160g or more per day) had a 44% increased risk of premature death during follow-up compared to those who ate the least (10g or less). The researchers estimate that 3.3% of the deaths in this study could have been prevented if they ate less than 20g of processed meat a day, this had led some of the papers’ conclusion, “the processed meat is responsible for 1 in 30 deaths” such as on Daily Mail or Telegraph.

Processed meat is normally high in fat and cholesterol, which can increase heart disease and cancer risk, and the Department of Health recommends that you do not eat more than 70g of red or processed meat a day. British are now surrounded by a variety of health alerts, like red meatalcohol, and smoking, and it is not easy to give up all these goodies. But you don’t have to stop eating processed meat, like many health professionals point out, just don’t eat a lot and too often and try a healthy balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables alongside. I believe that stress caused by not eating at all would be a greater health risk!