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Pedalbus: an annoying ‘trend’ in London

photo by Graham Jepson

テートモダンの近くでこの乗り物を何回か見たことがある。その時はヘンな乗り物だなと何気に思っただけだったけど、今日のEvening Standard(イブニング・スタンダード)紙を読んでこれが何なのか、初めて知った。記事によると、これは「pedalbus(ペダルバス)」と言って、会社のチームビルディングの一環として、また新しい社交の場として、ロンドンで人気なのだそうだが。。。


理解不能なことに、このペダルバスや自転車タクシーがロンドンの中心を走り回ることは、合法なのだそうだ。道幅が広くて渋滞の少ない、例えば北欧の都市等であれば分かるけれど、ロンドンじゃ迷惑以外の何者でもない。しかも、天候不安定なイギリスだと、いつ雨が降ってパーティ気分が台無しになるかも分からない。ペダルバスのレンタルは、一人£23.50〜。この値段なら、乗り降り自由な(hop-on hop-off)二階建て観光バスの方が楽だし、もっとたくさんの場所に行けるのでお得な気がする。それに大の大人が一緒に自転車こぎというのも、あんまり格好いいもんじゃない。ともあれチームビルディングなら、キャンプとかハイキングとか、人に迷惑がかからない場所でやって下さい。

I have seen this strange vehicle several time near Tate Modern. I had no clue what it was but today finally got to know it on the Evening Standard. It is called ‘pedalbus‘ and it is supposed to be “the latest and most sociable way to travel” and it has become “a trend among corporate clients as a way of team building”… Is it a bad joke??

This vehicle holds eight bike seats with pedals, and passengers make it move by pushing the pedals while a driver stands at the front to steer and use the brakes. Passengers can enjoy wine and beer, sitting around a bar, while pedalling. People on the pedalbus may enjoy a ride, however, not others. The road in London is quite congested, the third worst in Europe (see my past entry), and other mess such as bicycles and rickshaws have been causing the traffic even slower. And if this pedalbus with drunken people on board become a fashion, it will surely make things much worse.

I don’t understand why London allow this pedalbus (and rickshaws, to be fair) to be legal to go around central London. Cities with wider roads and less traffics, Scandinavian cities for example, may be OK with it, but not in London. Also UK’s unstable weather would ruin a party atmosphere anytime. To hire this costs from £23.50 per person – hop-on hop-off open top bus would be better value for money as you can relax and travel further. So please boycott the pedalbus for Londoners’ sake (and you would look stupid as well). Please do your team-building exercise privately, somewhere you wouldn’t bother others.