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Prufrock Coffee @ Leather Lane, Holborn

このPrufrock coffeeには、随分前に行ったのだが、ブログで紹介するのをすっかり忘れていた。なので写真は7月のもので写ってる人たちは夏の装い。その後、何か変わってる点があるかもしれないので、ご了承を。Prufrock coffeeは、2009年のWorld Barista Championshipバリスタ世界選手権)で優勝したイギリス人バリスタ・Gwilym DaviesがLeather Laneにオープンさせたカフェで、バリスタ養成所「London BRAT」にもなっている。最初Whitecross Street(→過去ブログ)とColumbia Roadの屋台から出発、その後Shoreditch High Streetのショップ・Present内に出店し、この広くて洒落たカフェをオープンするに至った。

Prufrock coffeeは、近隣の住民、Chancery LaneやClerkenwellで働くビジネスマンやクリエーターたちでいつも賑わっている。最初はコーヒーなど飲み物だけだったけれど、現在はサンドイッチや日替わりランチなどフード類もある。入口にはコーヒー豆やコーヒーを淹れる道具が売られ、日本の製品も並んでいる。大分前だったのでどんなサンドイッチを注文したか定かでないが、具は新鮮だけれど、パンがフニャフニャで食べにくかったのを覚えている。スコッチエッグは味はまあまあだけれど、量が少なすぎ(写真下参照)。なのでフードは、向かいのカフェ・Department of Coffee and Social Affairsに軍配あり。残念ながらバリスタ・チャンピオンは不在。コーヒーの美味しいカフェが増殖してる昨今、ここのコーヒーへの期待値が高かっただけに、味の普通感は否めない。私はどちらかと言うとお茶派で、コーヒーに定評あるカフェか家でしかコーヒーを飲まないので、自分の舌にイマイチ自信はないが、いつ前を通っても大勢の客がいるところをみると、相当美味しいのだろう。

I went to Prufrock coffee on Leather Lane this summer, and completely forgot to write about it – so the photos are a bit outdated and people dressed in summer clothes. The Prufrock coffee is a café and a barista resource and training centre called the London BRAT, created in early 2011 by Gwilym Davies, a legendary British barista who won the World Barista Championship in 2009. He became known for his coffee carts on Whitecross Street (→past blog) and Columbia Road, then started the Prufrock coffee housed in the Present shop on Shoreditch High Street, and now he has this good-looking café on Leather Lane.

The Prufrock coffee is always busy with neighbours, business people and creators who work in Clerkenwell and Chancery Lane areas. At the beginning they served only coffee, but now they have sandwiches and daily lunch as well. They also sell coffee beans and selected coffee making tools including Japanese products. I can’t remember what kind of sandwich we ordered, but the ingredients were fresh yet the bread was too soft to hold the fillings. The scotch egg was not bad, but a bit too small to satisfied my stomach (photo below). Overall, we prefer Department of Coffee and Social Affairs across the street for food. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get a cup of coffee made by the barista champion, and it was fine but not fascinating. I am a tea-drinker and not a good judge for coffee as I drink coffee only at the reputable cafés and at home, but I guess the coffee there is good as it is quite full every time we pass by.


Alps Ethio Modern European Restaurant & Bar @ Theobald’s Road

住人の過半数が国外生まれというインターナショナルなロンドン。ナイジェリアをはじめとするアフリカ大陸の旧植民地の国々出身の人たちも多く住むにも関わらず、それらの国のレストランは、そのお国の人たちが住むエリア外やセントラル・ロンドンではほとんど見かけない、というのがMの大いなる疑問だ。エチオピア料理店は、キングスクロス駅北部などエチオピア人地区を中心に何軒かあるのみだった。それが最近、ホルボーンの近くのTheobald’s Roadで、偶然1軒見つけたので行ってみた。

店名は何故か、エチオピアと言うよりスイスを思わせる、「Alps(アルプス)」。「Ethio Modern European Restaurant & Bar」を謳い、外の看板にはハンバーガー、メニューには、エチオピア料理とともに、グリル・ラムやステーキなど西洋料理が並び、店に入る前は??だった。お店のスタッフによると、先々週土曜にオープンしたばかりとのこと。イギリス・レトロ風店内に、赤を基調としたモダンなテーブルと椅子、そしてエチオピア民芸品のデコレーションと、普通考えられない取り合わせが妙にキッチュだ。

西洋料理をここで食べる意味が全くないので、適当にメニューから、Zilzil Tibs(味付けしてマリネした細切れの牛肉をオニオン、ガーリック、ハラペーニョと一緒にソテーしたもの)、Yebeg Alecha Fitfit(骨付きラム肉を緑ピーマン・ソースで調理し、インジェラを加えたもの)、そして名前は忘れたけれど煮込んだスパイシーなsplit peas(さやをむいて乾燥させたエンドウ豆)の、エチオピア料理3皿を注文(エチオピア料理は一律£7。西洋料理は値段は様々)。店はガラガラなのに待たされること約20分。ようやく、フレンドリーでイケメンのエチオピア人シェフの手によって、大きなお盆に載せられたエチオピアの主食・インジェラと、3皿の料理が運ばれ、汁気の多いZilzil Tibsを除く(汁が多いとインジェラがベチョベチョになってしまうため)2皿を、インジェラの上に空ける。食べ方はトレーの上のインジェラをちぎりながら料理と一緒に右手で食べる。また、余分のインジェラがかごに入れて出されるので、それを食べてもいい。(エチオピア料理参考サイト



London is the cosmopolitan city, where half of its residents were born abroad. There are also lots of Londoners originated from former colonies in African continents such as Nigeria or Ghana, but normally restaurants of their cuisines are only located within their community and are rarely seen in Central London – this is one of (many) questions M has of London. Ethiopian restaurants are one of the examples and you can see only some, mainly on the north of Kings Cross station. However, we happened to find one on Theobald’s Road near Holborn.

Its name “Alps“, sounds more Swiss than Ethiopian. As “Ethio Modern European Restaurant & Bar” written on the window, it serves also western dishes such as grilled lamb and hamburger, as well as Ethiopian food. This confused us a bit, but we tried the place anyways. According to an Italian staff (it is more confusing!), Alps just opened on January 7. Another unimaginable combination of British retro look, modern red tables & chairs and black lamp shades, and traditional Ethiopian decoration with handicrafts and painting, is quite quirky and kitsch.

There was no point to eat European food for us there, so we randomly picked three Ethiopian dishes – Zilzil Tibs (seasoned & marinated strips of beef sauteed with onions, garlic & jalapeno), Yebeg Alecha Fitfit (piece of lamb with bones cooked in mild green pepper sauce mixed with injera before being served), and cooked spicy split peas (I forgot its name). After waiting for 20 minutes (though the place was totally empty), charming & friendly chef came out from the kitchen and served us the dishes and a tray with huge Ethiopian bread injeraHe emptied two dishes except Zilzil Tibs (it has much fluid and makes injera hard to grab). He told us to rip injera and eat together with the food, or with extra injera served on a basket if you prefer (Wikipedia).

After the meal, then the most famous export from Ethiopia – coffee. In Ethiopia, the ritual of coffee ceremony (Kariomon) is commonly practiced when making and drinking coffee. You can see the scene of the ceremony with a woman who serves coffe, on a tapestry hanged on the back of the restaurant. The interesting thing in the tapestry is that a bowl of popcorn next to the coffee set – the chef explained that the guests eat popcorns while waiting for coffee (though we didn’t get it that day). First burning traditional incense was brought to our table. Then the chef came back with a small pan, roasting coffee beans, to let us enjoy the smell. Then poured freshly brewed coffee was poured from ceramic pot (jebena) into small handleless cups. It was very tasty and not as strong as I thought.

Here at Alps, time passed slowly, quite unlikely in London, and we enjoyed experiencing and learnning Ethiopian culture and tradition. But my question is – can he (the chef) handle these meticulous acts when he encounters loads of customers in his place??

Zilzil Tibs (left) and Yebeg Alecha Fitfit (middle) on injera

Ethiopian coffee on cute cups

Salt Espresso Lunch & Tea Bar @ Great Queens Street

ちょっとブログから離れていた間に、また新しいカフェが増殖している。昨日書いたCafé Gourmandもそうだし、Holborn駅から徒歩数分のところにできた、この「Espresso Lunch & Tea Bar」を謳うSalt(ソルト)もそう。

Fernandez & WellsLantanaKaffeineなどロンドンの人気カフェを手がけたという、William Tozer architecture & designによるシンプルで落ち着きがある今風のインテリアは、上記3店の姉妹店かと思うほど雰囲気が似ている。白木のテーブルや椅子は、Nude Espressoなど、これまたトレンディなカフェでよく見かける、廃材を利用して作られた、お洒落だけれど座り心地は今イチな、East London Furnitureのもの(写真)。

ロンドンの人気カフェの黄金律にのっとり、外観のみならず、食材にもこだわる。コーヒーはSquare Mile Roasters、紅茶はWaterloo Tea、牛乳はThe Ladies Organicから仕入れ、オーナーがSeven Seededというベーカリーも経営しているだけあってパンも美味しい。今日注文したタイ・グリーンカレー風のスープ、サラミとチーズのサンドイッチは、素材はいいんだけど、全体的にはもう少しパンチが欲しいところ。カフェを出る時まで美味しそうに焼き上がったバナナブレッドに気づかず、食べられなかったのが少し心残り。

34 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, WC2B 5AA
t. 0207 430 0335
Mon-Fri 7.30 am – 7.30 pm / Sat 10 am – 7.30 pm / Sun 10 am – 5pm

While my break from blogging, some nice cafés popped up and are on my wish list to try; Café Gourmand as I wrote yesterday is one of them, and also “Espresso Lunch & Tea Bar” Salt, few minutes walk from Holborn station.

Its simple and chic interior corresponds to the London’s recent trend, and it was done by William Tozer architecture & design, who in charge of other popular cafés such as Fernandez & WellsLantana, and Kaffeine. In fact, the look is quite similar to other three as if it is under the same chain. East London Furniture‘s good-looking but not-so-comfortable tables and chairs (photos), made out of waste materials, are also often seen in other top cafés such as Nude Espresso.

Not only its appearance, Salt also follows golden rules of successful cafés – quality of food & drink. A list of reputed suppliers includes: Square Mile Roasters for coffee; Waterloo Tea for tea; and the Ladies Organic for milk.Bread is also very good, as the owners also run an artisan bakery, Seven Seeded. We ordered Thai green curry style soup and sandwich with salami and cheese. The ingredients were fresh and fine, but the finished dishes needed a bit of an extra punch to its taste. My regret is not having their banana bread – I didn’t notice it until I was about to leave!

Coco Momo Café Bar & Brasserie Holborn @ Theobalds Road

ロンドン西部のグロースター・ロードメリルボーン・ハイストリートに2軒あるカフェ/バー/ブラッセリー・Coco Momoが今月、ホルボーンのTheobalds Road(セオバルズ・ロード)にもオープンした。広々とした店内は、パリのカフェにありそうなテーブルと椅子、壁には20年代風のランプ、そして白シャツに黒ベスト、ネクタイとギャルソンのようないでたちのウェイターたちと、クラシックなフランス風。ありきたりなインテリアの入口側より、白タイルとレンガの壁、天井に吊り下げられたシャンデリアと大きな時計、そしてびっしりと本が並んだ棚が置かれた奥の方が雰囲気がある。



Café bar & brasserie Coco Momo opened its third branch on Theobalds Road in Holborn in this month, in addition to Gloucester Road and Marylebone High Street in the west. Classic café tables and chairs, 20’s style wall lumps and staffs in ‘garçons’ style with white shirt, vest and tie, make the café look like a French bistrot somewhere in Paris. The seating area on the street side is ordinary and a bit boring, but the back area is chic, with a chandelier, big hanging clock and large shelves filled with books, as well as white tiles and exposed brick walls.

Coco momo opens from 8am to 11pm, and it is great that food is available all day. Croissants, toasts, eggs, pancakes are available for breakfast till 11:30am. Lunch menu includes casual dishes like sandwiches and hamburgers, as well as proper meals with appetizers, salads, soups and mains. Most of the main dishes costs no more than £15 during dinner time, and it is quite reasonable and truly like a French bistrot or brasserie. The restaurant even offers bargain 2-course set menus for £6 (lunch) / £12 (prix fixe from 5 – 8pm).

Today we ordered Chargrilled chicken & avocado with rocket pesto (£7.50) and Classic chargrilled burger with cheddar cheese (£9.95). Although the chicken was a bit dry but the toasted bread was tasty and the ingredients were fresh. Nicely grilled burger had a perfect harmony with beautifully melted cheese. Reviews of other two branches on the internet is just average, but I thought the Holborn branch was not bad at all for a everyday use, though it doesn’t have michelin-star quality.


Kimchee Korean Restaurant @ Holborn

以前、火事の後閉鎖された日本食レストランの(Matsuri)ホルボーン店があった場所に、新しく韓国レストラン「Kimchee」がオープンした。最近、ロンドンの無料日本語情報誌にも広告をバンバン載せている。「キムチ」というそのまんまでチープな名前とは裏腹に、店内は打って変わってモダン。入口を入ると、奥までどーんと突き抜けの広いフロアに、ダークウッドのテーブルと白木(竹?)のランプシェード、そして明るくて大きなオープンキッチンが目に入る。その洗練されたインテリアは、伝説のレストラン・プロデューサー、アラン・ヤウAlan Yau)氏の手によるのかと思ったけど、彼のウェブサイトに載っていないから違うみたい。



やはり美味しい韓国料理は、コリアン・タウンのあるNew Moldenに行くしかないのかな?

A new Korean restaurant Kimchee at a former Japanese restaurant  Matsuri Holborn branch, few months after Matsuri was closed due to fire. The name “Kimchee” doesn’t sound sophisticated, but contrary to its cheap name, the interior is sleek and modern – with dark wood furniture, birch (bamboo?) lampshades, and bright + huge open kitchen. I thought it was produced by legendary restauranteur Alan Yau because of its modern ethnic style, but I guess not, as Kimchee is not listed on his website.

About food. We ordered two appetizers, kimchee and Modum Namul (*unlike Korea or USA, Korean restaurants in London don’t serve free side dishes or banchan. If they do, they give you only 1 or 2 dishes), and three main dishes of raw beef Bibimbap, beef Dolsot (stone pot) Bibimbap, and Galbitang. I don’t analyse each dish but say in one word, all the dishes we ordered were not great – looking good in nice plates and bowls, but were bland and didn’t have much taste. I can tell that they don’t cook with love and passion. It was not only our opinion – Time Out and Metro also talk bad about this restaurant. There were some Asian (I mean East Asian, not South Asian as British English suggests) but I don’t think there were any Koreans. Probably word of mouth has already spread among Korean community.

Their service had some problem as well. Started well – the staffs were friendly at the beginning and order and serving were smooth, but ended badly. The bill and my credit card were left untouched for a while until I finally stood up and asked for service. And the response was bad – no apology, no smile. We almost bursted with fury. We were already frustrated with their food, and their attitude was a final blow. Yes, the restaurant is cool and reasonable, but we don’t think we are going back there again.

To have a good Korean food, I guess I have to travel all the way down south to a big Korean Town of New Molden…