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POP LIFE: Art in a Material World @ Tate Modern


10月1日より、テート・モダンの新しい展覧会「POP LIFE: Art in a Material World」が始まった。アンディ・ウォーホルは在りし日、「Good business is the best art.(よいビジネスは、最高のアート)」とのたまったが、「POP LIFE」は、1980年代から現在まで、商業とメディアを巻き込み、自身を「ブランド」として確立したアーティスト達に注目。ポップ・アーティスト元祖のウォーホルから始まり、キース・ヘリングジェフ・クーンズ等のアメリカ人アーティスト、ヤング・ブリティッシュ・アーティスト(YABs)の代表のダミアン・ハーストトレイシー・エミン、そして日本代表・村上隆と、マスコミ露出とセンセーショナルな作品で名を売ったアーティストたちの、カラフルで派手、良い意味でも悪い意味でも「POP(大衆的)」な作品が、一堂に展示されている。ブルック・シールズが10歳だった頃に撮影されたヌード写真が、当局によって「わいせつ物」として撤去されたとのエピソードや、一卵性双生児を自身の作品の前に2人揃って座らせるというダミアン・ハーストのアイデアも、ニュースになった。



A new exhibition of Tate ModernPOP LIFE: Art in a Material World” started from today. Andy Warhol claimed “Good business is the best art.” – Tate Modern brings together artists from the 1980s onwards who have embraced commerce and the mass media to build their own ‘brands’. The exhibition includes; American pop artists Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Jeff Koons; YBAs (Young British Artists) Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin; and the Japanese king of pop Takashi Murakami and more – who have created sensational ‘arts’ and their own styles, have happily exposed themselves to media, and as a result, have sold their works for millions. Their artworks are colorful, loud, and ‘pop’ in good ways and bad ways. There were some episodes hit the news: a nude photograph of Brooke Shields when she was 10 years old was withdrawn after a warning from Scotland Yard that it could violate obscenity laws; and Damian Hirst was looking for identical twins to let them sit in front of his painting.

Bald sex scenes, a female figurine with big breasts,  a baby cow immersed in formaldehyde in a vitrine, dead horse, Nazi officers in movies – full of provocative works there. On contrary to his funny & cute “Popeye series” at Serpentine Gallery, Koons’ huge sculpture and photographs of himself having sex with his ex-wife and ex-porn star Cicciolina, filled in one entire exhibition room – are these ‘arts’? For me these are mere pornography other than the fact that they were retouched to look ‘kitsch’ to moderate its obscene nature.  Scandalous artist Emin’s works are exhibitionistic and vulgar. Murakami sadly reinforce the stereotypical image of eccentric Japan – unfortunately many British have a image of Japanese as ‘weirdos’, thank to Maid cafes and girls & boys in gothic lolita fashion in Harajuku, often seen in the British media. In “POP LIFE”,  Warhol’s works look the most decent among all others, after all. Be aware, if you have small children with you!

Sounds very critical, but I am one of the masses who like gossips and craps, and I fell the artists’ trap and quite enjoyed the exhibition, pretty embarrassed to say,…


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