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Maison d’être Coffee House @ Highbury Corner

Highbury&Islington(ハイベリー&イズリントン)駅横のラウンドアバウト東側に最近出来たキュートなカフェ、Maison d’être(メゾン・デートル)。 黒く塗られた上品な外観とは対照的に、こじんまりした明るい店内は、フレンチ・カントリースタイルの使い古されたテーブルと椅子が並び、壁にはアートがさりげなく飾られたりと、まるでパリの裏通りにあるカフェのよう。カウンターの上には美味しそうなスウィーツ類、その奥には、紅茶専門店・teapigsのティーバッグが入った、可愛いイラスト付き容器とカップ&ソーサーがきちんと収まった備え付けの棚。レトロな牛乳瓶に無造作に活けられた花や、ミントの入った水のボトル、ジャムの瓶、アンティークのティーカップに入った砂糖が置かれたテーブル(写真)と、細部まで気配りがされている。

多くのケーキ類は手作りで、毎日配達されるケーキやパンは、グリニッチとノッティングヒルに店を構えるPaul Rhodes bakery(ポール・ローズ・ベーカリー)、そしてコーヒーはNude Espresso(ヌード・エスプレッソ)から仕入れている。サンドイッチ類や週末のブランチは作り置きせず、注文してから作るなど、フード&ドリンクにもこだわりがあり、オーナーは大層情熱を傾けているのだろうな、と感じられる良いお店。



Maison d’être coffee house is a cute newcomer on Highbury Corner, on the east side of a big roundabout, next to the Highbury and Islington tube station. On contrary to its chic black appearance, inside is bright and cozy, looking like a café on a small back street of Paris, with rusty French country style tables and chairs and art subtly decorated the walls. Everything is cute and well-thought in this place: handmade cakes and pastries on the wooden counter; antique cups & saucers and glass containers for teapigs‘ tea bags with illustrated labels, neatly placed on a wall cupboard; fresh flowers in an old milk bottle, a water carafe with mints inside, jam containers, and sugar in an antique cup on a table (photo); etc.

Maison d’être also pay a great attention to their food & drinks. Many of their delicacies and treats are home-made, as well as some cakes and bread are delivered daily from Paul Rhodes bakery, and their coffee comes from down-under coffee pioneer Nude Espresso. Also all the sandwiches and weekend brunch are freshly prepared to order. I can feel that the owners are very passionate about this place. Very nice café in Islington.


Two years on: June 2013. We went the cafe again after long break. Their sandwiches were deteriorated, with strange combination of ingredients and the bread was dry. Service was slow and rude, but to be fair, one person was bad but the other was always smiley but unfortunately serving other people. They seem to be doing well, as people came constantly, but because of that, the place was loud and no more relaxing again. They put more tables than you see in the photos, and you have to squeeze yourself at tinier space. Lots of mums & kids, lots of nomad workers (I am sorry but I don’t like people working at the café).


There is also a sitting area in a small garden on the back of the café.


Toasted sour dough sandwiches with goat cheese, grilled aubergine, caramelised onions (£4.20/above)  and prosciutto, mozzarella, sund dried tomato and pesto sandwiches (£4.20/below) – fresh and nice. A petit fruit tart (£2/photo) is guilt-free size and was gorgeous.