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Range Rover Evoque Wireframe @ N1 Shopping Centre, Islington

エンジェルにあるショッピング・センター、N1 Shopping Centreに設置された、ショッキングピンクの、新型レンジ・ローバーEvoque(イヴォーク)実物大ワイヤー・フレーム模型(→イヴォークのブログ)。季節柄、最初はクリスマスのデコレーションかと思った。

I found this shocking pink full-scale wireframe model of the new Range Rover Evoque at the N1 Shopping Centre in Angel, Islington (→Evoque’s blog). I thought it was a sort of Christmas decoration at first.

パリで行われたモーターショー2010でのイヴォーク一般公開を記念し、レンジ・ローバーとパリジャン・アーティスト4人がコラボ。ワイヤー・フレームを元に、各々、イヴォークの4つのコンセプト「sustainability, luxury, design and technology(持続可能性、高級、デザイン、テクノロジー)」をイメージして創られた、アート・インスタレーションがパリ市内4カ所で展示された。参加アーティストの一人、ファッション・デザイナーのジャンシャルル・ド・カステルバジャック(Jean-Charles de Castelbajac)は、luxuryをテーマにした作品を作製(写真はこちら)。

Range Rover has collaborated with four Parisian artists to celebrate the new compact city car, which debuted at Paris Motor Show 2010. Each artist was briefed to create art installations based on the wire frame of the Evoque, and these designs were created around the four key attributes of the car; sustainability, luxury, design and technology. One of the participated artists, fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac made an installation based on the theme “luxury” (here for photos).

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Cadbury agrees Kraft’s £11.9 billion Takeover Deal


Today, the 186 year-old British confectionery and beverage company Cadbury agrees to £11.9 billion takeover deal by American food giant Kraft Food, after 4 months of negotiation since September 2009. The Cadbury board once dismissed an initial £10.5 billion as too cheap, but they couldn’t resist when Kraft raised their offer to 840 pence a share. British manufacturing, once made the nation prosperous after the Industrial Revolution, has been declined in recent years. Therefore, a takeover of Cadbury by a foreign company, one of the few globally competitive manufacturer left in the country, is another blow for many British (except investors). Kraft will borrow £7bn ($11.5bn) to finance the deal, and there are some fears over possible cost and job cuts at Cadbury’s UK operations with 4,500 workers. I don’t like Cadbury’s chocolate as it is too sweet for me and leave me some aftertaste – therefore the deal doesn’t affect me (see my past related entry). But Europe’s biggest chocolate eater British people’s love and attachment towards Cadbury is very strong, and many groups against the takeover have been formed over the internet such as facebook and other SNS during the process. The Evening Standard article reveals that Cadbury CEO, who had been highly critical of Kraft as an unsuitable partner with low growth prospects, is expected to walk away with a payout worth £7 million, and the article gives an impression that he agreed the offer for his own personal gain (and it is probably true).

Economic Nationalism(エコノミック・ナショナリズム/国内産業を規制・保護する)の傾向が強いドイツやフランス、イタリアと対照的に、イギリス労働党政府は「Open Door(開かれた)」ポリシーを標榜し、自国企業を無理矢理保護しようとしない。2005年にはローバー社は消滅、ジャガーランドローバーはインドのタタ・モーターズ社の傘下に入った。今の私たちの電気会社は、いつのまにかLondon Electricityからフランス電力公社のイギリス子会社であるEDF Energyに代わっていたし、2009年にはBMI(ブリティッシュ・ミッドランド航空)は独ルフトハンザ航空に買収された。銀行のAbbeyBradford & Bingley(経営不振で一時国有化された)は今月10日から、そしてAlliance & Leicesterは今年度中に、自らのブランド名を降ろし、親会社でユーロ圏最大の銀行グループであるスペインのSantanderサンタンデール)の名を冠することになる(BBC記事はこちら)。ヒースロー空港等イギリス国内外の空港を管理するBBA(BAA Airports Ltd)も、スペイン・Ferrovial Groupの一員だ。

Unlike the countries with a tendency of Economic Nationalism such as Germany, France and Italy, this labor government has pursued “open door” policy, letting many British companies fallen to foreign managements in recent years: Tata Motors of India obtained Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford, and no more Rover cars currently in production. Our electricity supplier changed from London Electricity to EDF Energy, UK subsidiary of the French state-owned EDF SA, without realizing it. BMI (British Midland Airways) was taken over by German carrier Lufthansa in 2009. British banks Abbey and Bradford & Bingley (once nationalized due to the credit crunch) has been rebranded as Santander, Spanish owner of the banks, from 10th of this month, and Alliance & Leicester will follow Abbey and Bradford & Bingley later this year (click here for BBC article). BBA (BAA Airports Ltd), the owner and operator of several airports domestic and worldwide, is now owned by an international consortium led by the Spanish Ferrovial Group.


While I was searching about Cadbury, I thought about this cute and funny Cadbury TV ad, “Eyebrows“, two children moving their eyebrows up and down to the beat of the song. It has a cult popularity, and it has been talked a lot among bloggers last year, and had been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube and other sites in its first 3 weeks.

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