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John Lewis 2011 Christmas TV Ad

Vodpod videos no longer available.

英大手デパート・John Lewis(ジョン・ルイス)がつくった、今年のクリスマスシーズンのTVコマーシャルが大好評。制作費用なんと600万ポンド、約250人の中から選ばれた7歳のスコットランド人少年、Lewis McGowan(ルイス・マッゴーワン)くんを起用したこの1分30秒のこのコマーシャル、現在YouTubeで300万回以上の再生回数を記録する大ヒットとなった。人気ビデオにつきものの、パロディー動画も登場。スタンリー・キューブリックの「Shining(シャイニング)」のテーマ曲を使ったり、ホラー映画の予告に似せたりと、ホラー系に作り替えたものが話題を呼んだ(参考:サン紙)。


UK’s department store chain, John Lewis‘s Christmas TV advert 2011 has become a big sensation. This 90-second advert which cost £6 million to make, has been viewed over 3 million times on YouTube so far. Spoof videos have also popped up online, which  is more like a piece of horror movie or its trailer, using the same visuals but with scary music such as the theme of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (the Sun article).

In the advert, 7-year-old Scottish boy Lewis McGowan, who was chosen from 250 candidates, is impatiently counting down the time with frown face for Christmas day to arrive. When it finally comes, the he rushes out from his bed, and runs to fetch the gift he has for his parents, without opening his own presents stucked up next his bed. Yes he is cute, but for me, it is a bit too long and boring. Also the tear-jerking formula, adorable little boy doing a sweet thing, makes me fed up!

Vodpod videos no longer available.