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Shoreditch Grind Café @ Old Street

今月、オールド・ストリート駅の真上のRoundaboutラウンドアバウト)に面した北西の角に、新しいカフェ・Shoreditch Grind(ショーディッチ・グラインド)がオープンした。元々携帯電話のショップだった、丸い円柱形のこの店は、カウンター席が10あまりという小さなカフェだけれど、テーブルを置いていないので意外と広く感じる。50年代のアメリカン・ダイナーを思わせるインテリアやロゴは、ロンドンと言うより、ニューヨークのヴィレッジあたりのカフェという感じ。



A new café Shoreditch Grind just opened this month at the north west corner of the roundabout above Old Street Tube Station. This small café, sitting in the cylinder-shaped building (used to be an ugly mobile phone shop), has only 10 or more counter seats, but you feels more spacious than its looks without tables. Their “mid-century American diner” interior and logo makes the café look more like the one in the New York’s Village.

Other than coffee and soft drinks, sandwiches, muffins and croissants are also available (though not many kinds) . Their ciabatta sandwich with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese was properly toasted and tasted fresh, though the size was a bit small. The blueberry muffin was modest in sugar and nicely baked, and went well with their delicious flat white.

The café is also a perfect spot at the busy intersection for people-watching, and it is quite hypnotic to look at the traffics – cars, busses, motorcycles, and cyclists going around the big roundabout.