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Da Polpo @ Maiden Lane, Covent Garden

今年5月(6月?)にオープンしたda Polpo(ダ・ポルポ)は、ソーホーの人気イタリア系アメリカン風bacaro(バカロ:ベニス風ワインバー/タパスバー)/オステリア(イタリアの食堂)のミニチェーン、Polpo(ポルポ:タコ)、Polpetto(ポルペット:小さなタコ)、 Spuntino(スプンティーノ)の姉妹店。他の3店はソーホーにあるけれど、このda Polpoはコベント・ガーデンの静かな通りにある。料理は他の3店と同じくciccheti(チケッティ:小皿料理)で、これまた他の3店と同じく予約は受け付けない。

Da Polpoは「all day dining」、一日中いつでも食べ物を注文でき、しかも週休なし。近くの会社員から、通常の時間外に食事したい旅行者やシアター前後に食事する人たちにも都合がいい。緑色に塗られた小さな外観からは想像できないけれど、地上階と地下に70席もある。使いこなされた感のある、懐かしさを感じるセンスのいい内装は、ちょっとニューヨーク風。店内は夜は薄暗いので、私は昼過ぎに行くのが好き。太陽が差し込み明るくて、人も少なくリラックスできる。

茶色い紙に印刷されたメニューには、cicheti/cicchetti(極小サイズ)、pizzette(ミニサイズのピザ)、野菜やサラダ類、polpette(ミートボール)、少し大きめの料理(それでも小さい)、デザート類、そしてドリンク類が並ぶ。多くのウェブサイトやブログ(このサイトに写真が多い)が既に書いているので、フードについて多くは語らないけれど、新鮮な材料を使ったここの料理は美味しくて気に入っている。以前Brawn(ブラウン)のことを取り上げた時、いま流行の小皿料理は嫌いだ、と書いたけれど、Da PolpoはOK。料理はいけるし、他のポッシュな小皿料理レストランに比べると、何皿食べたか、お勘定がいくらになるか、胃が痛くなるほどには心配しなくていい。でも、Mのような大食いと一緒に行くと話は別だけど。

Opened in May (or June?) this year, da Polpo is a new family member of Soho’s popular Italian-American bacaro (Venitian Tapas bar) / osteria, or whatever called, mini chain of PolpoPolpetto and Spuntino. Unlike other three, all in West End, da polpo is located on a quieter street in Covent Garden. But food served at da Polpo is also ‘ciccheti‘ (small dishes) like others, and it has no-reservations policy like others.

Da Polpo is an all day dining and opens seven days a week, convenient for everyone from nearby office workers to tourists and theatre goers who want to eat out of normal meal time. It looks small looking at the small green exterior, but there are 70 seats on a ground floor and basement. The rusty chic interior is cozy and certainly has New York’s hip feels. Dining area is quite dark at night with dim lighting, therefore I prefer going in late afternoon – it is bright and relaxing with few people around.

There are cicheti or cicchetti (very tiny plate), pizzette (small pizza), vegetables & salads, polpette (meatballs) , a little bigger plates as well as desserts and alcoholic drinks on the menu, printed on a smooth brown paper. I don’t go in details on their food as many websites and blogs such as this (with a lot of photos) already talked about it, but we pleasantly enjoyed their food. I wrote that I don’t like “small plates” in a past when talked about Brawn, but da Polpo is acceptable. The food is simple and fresh, and we don’t have to worry too much about how many plates we eat and how much the bill would be unlike other posh counterparts, though it wouldn’t be cheap if you go with a big eater like M!


Spuntino @ Rupert Street, SOHO

ソーホーのSex Shopの集まるエリアに3月にオープンしたばかりのSpuntino(スプンティーノ)に行った。オープンから間もないのに、既に多くのブロガーが取り上げている(Urban Spoon参照)。それもそのはず、同じくソーホーにある「bacaro(バカロ:ベニス風ワインバー/タパスバー)」の人気店・PolpoPolpettoのオーナーの3番目の店なのだ。スナックやおつまみという意味のイタリア語「Spuntino」という名の通り、小皿料理を出すのは最初の2店と同じだが、違いはSpuntinoはアメリカン・ダイナーだということ。といっても、アメリカの田舎町のダイナーというより、ニューヨーク辺りにありそうな洒落た感じのバー&レストランだ。店内は狭く、十数席のカウンター席、そして5〜6人座れば一杯になる奥の小部屋だけだ。

店のウェブサイトは、名前が小さく刻まれた錆びついたその外観と同じく、住所と開店時間、そして「No telephone, no reservations(電話無し、予約不可)」とあるだけの、味も素っ気もないものだけれど、店の中に入ると、フレンドリーなスタッフと、食事とお喋りを楽しむ人々で賑わっている。



We went to Spuntino, just opened in March in the middle of SOHO’s sex shops. Many food bloggers already talked about this small bar & restaurant (see Urban Spoon), simply because Spuntino is the third project of the owner of SOHO’s popular ‘bacaro’ (Venetian wine bar or tapas bar), Polpo and Polpetto. All three venues serve small plates, but as the name of the shop ‘spuntino (snacks in Italian)’ suggests, the difference is Spuntino is an American-diner, though it’s not hard-core diner in small American town but more like casual chic ‘enoteca‘ in somewhere like Nolita in Manhattan. The place is teeny tiny and has only a dozen of counter stools and few more seats in a small back room.

Spuntino’s website is neither favourable nor welcoming, with harsh message of “no telephone, and no reservations” together with bare minimum information of its address and opening hours, on a rusty background, similar to their storefront with almost invisible name scratched on it. However, the inside was quite lively with people enjoying food & drink and friendly staffs.

Their food is more like nouvelle American with Italian touch, rather than authentic American. Simple and retro cutleries go well with the atmosphere of the place. We ordered Mac & Cheese (£8. I didn’t understand that Mac = maccaroni. For some reason, I thought it’s a burger, like Big Mac), Spicy sausage, lentil & radicchio (£7), and ‘Greens (£5. I don’t know what). All the plates were delicious – pipping hot Mac & cheese baked with breadcrumbs on the top, spicy sausage and mild taste of lentil in perfect harmony, and flawlessly sauteed greens. Well done, and no wonder why bloggers love this tiny place.

Almost perfect, but I don’t like their hard and uncomfortable stools… Maybe the conspiracy of popular Spuntino, so that the customers won’t stay too long. M’s complain is they have only filter coffee, but not espresso – what does he expect, it is an American diner!


↓ 東日本巨大地震チャリティ情報 / Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Charity Information