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Yasujiro OZU season @ BFI

サウス・バンクBFI Southbankでは、日本の誇る映画監督、小津安二郎特集「Yasujiro Ozu」を開催、1月から2月にかけて、33本の小津映画が上映されている。また同時に、小津作品に影響を受けた、国内外の12作品も上映中だ。1月1日から年代順に上映されていて、私は戦中・戦後の作品を見に、2月頭から足繁く通っている。




BFI Southbank has been hosting the “Yasujiro Ozu” season, showing total of 33 films, from January 1st until the end of February. During the period, “Ozu and His Influence” shows 12 Japanese and foreign movies inspired by Ozu and his works during the same period. Ozu’s works has been shown in chronological order, and I started to go to see many of his films made during the WWII and after from the beginning of February.

When I was in Japan, I always saw foreign films and rarely went to see a Japanese movie. Embarrassed to say, I had never seen any Ozu’s movies before I came to London. Now I am far away from home, I got to be more interested in anything related to Japan, and I go to see a Japanese film anytime I have a chance. There is some places screen a Japanese movie, though not at major cinemas: BFI mainly shows old movies such as Mikio Naruse or Nagisa Oshima, and ICA screens more modern films. The London Film Festival also invites some Japanese movies every year.

Although BFI’s biggest cinema is hardly full, quite many people come and see Ozu’s works – Ozu is one of the best Japanese film directors, yet still his movies are quite old and may be not everyone’s cup of tea. When a screening in the smaller room (BFI southbank has 4 screening rooms; big, medium and small), the seats are usually quite filled up. The audience are from 20s to 60, 70s, and many of them are men alone. The front row is mostly taken and always more or less the same people sitting on the same seats.

I always feel relaxed and happy, every time I see Ozu’s movies, portraying an ordinary life and a famiyl relationship in good old Japan. Ozu always used the same actors and actresses such as Chishu Ryu, Shin Saburi, and Setsuko Hara, I started to feel an affinity for them as I have been knowing them for many years. Since when Ozu made his last film in 1962, the speech, fashion, gestures and values in Japan have changed dramatically, like a different country. I was not born yet that time, but I enjoy imagining how my parents and grandparents had lived through the times.

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