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Pray For Japan

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今日は、作曲家の未知瑠さんの音楽に、Kaori Onishiさんが書かれたイラストをのけた、可愛いビデオをご紹介します。またYouTubeに寄せられた、たくさんの日本への激励ビデオを見ていると、とても温かい気持ちになりますよね。

10 days after the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami, now Libya takes over media attention, as UK is a core member of the coalition force. I am not a pacifist, but after seeing the catastrophe caused by mother nature, I feel it is ridiculous and meaningless to destroy cities and kill someone with our own hands.

M told me that I don’t need to talk about the earthquake anymore, but the recovery effort is just started and still many evacuees are forced to live in gymnasiums, city halls and schools with insufficient help. I don’t know if Fukushima nuclear power stations will be restored, or if they can, when it will be. Therefore, please bare with me for a little bit more, though I have many topics that I want to talk about on my blog. I am sorry for some readers looking for information about London.

Today I found a video “Pray for Japan”, music by Michiru and illustration by Kaori Onishi. Watching many video messages to encourage Japan from the world cheers me up!

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