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Confluence: Akram Khan & Nitin Sawhney @ Sadler’s Wells

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ダンスがメインの劇場、Sadler’s Wells Theatre(サドラーズ・ウェルズ劇場)で開催中のSvapnagata Festivalの演目、「Akram Khan & Nitin Sawhney: Confluence」を見た。友人が、一緒に見る予定だった人が突然来れなくなったというので、講演の前日に誘ってくれたのだ。前から数列目と言うとても良い席で、パフォーマンスを目の当たりにできた。

Svapnagata(サンスクリット語で「Dreaming(夢見ている)」の意) Festivalは、2週間に及ぶインド音楽とダンスのフェスティバル。Confluence(26〜28日)はそのトリを務める公演で、世界初演となる。Confluence(合流、群衆、集合)は、Zero Degreesゼロ度・2005年)やBahok(バホーク・2008年)でも共作した、バングラデシュ系イギリス人のダンサー/振付師であるAkram Khanアクラム・カーン)とインド系イギリス人の作曲家・Nitin Sawhneyニティン・ソーニー)がコラボ。彼らのルーツである南アジアの文化的・精神的影響を探る作品だ。


I went to see “Akram Khan & Nitin Sawhney: Confluence“, a part of Svapnagata (meaning ‘dreaming’ in Sanskrit) Festival, two-week festival of Indian music and dance, at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre which specialises in dance. My friend asked me to join her the day before, as she got a spare ticket because her friend couldn’t make it. She got great seats which were only few rows away from the stage and we could see the performance up close.

Confluence (Nov 26 to 28), which was the festival’s climaxes and its world premiere, is a joint creation by Bangladeshi-British dancer/choreographer Akram Khan and Indian British composer Nitin Sawhney, who also previously collaborated in Zero Degrees and Bahok. In Confluence, Khan and Sawhney explore their cultural and psychological mix of influences.

I went to see Zero Degrees at the Sadler’s Wells because British Artist Antony Gormley was also involved in the creation, and it was my first experience with Khan’s mesmerizing dance. Khan, also a dancer of Northern Indian classical dance Kathak, showed us his elastic but powerful dance, streaming hand movements, stable high-speed turns, and beautiful steps of Kathak and the sound of the bells worn around his ankles, and these perfectly matched with Sawhney’s beautiful music on its simple stage. The scenes that silhouettes of musicians who were playing behind the screen came to dimly appear through the thin screen was pretty mysterious. It was a stunning performance which mixed classical Indian dance / contemporary dance and traditional music / modern music, and excited the audiences. I wish the performance was a bit longer (it was only 1 hour and 15 min)!

photo: Morley von Sternburg

photo: Morley von Sternburg

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