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100% Design: London Design Festival 2010

先週金曜日、アールズ・コート展示センターまで足を伸ばし、London Design Festivalの一環である、100% Designを見に行ってきた。→100% Designについては、昨年のエントリー参照。



I went to see “100% Design“, a part of the London Design Festival, at Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre on last Friday. → see last year’s entry for more details about 100% Design.

I am not looking for a business opportunity at the trade show, and it is a pain to get to Earl’s Court on the other side of London from me, but I always decided to go at the end because I am interested in design, though the show looks  more or less the same every year. This year’s design trend seems to be “natural, warm and cozy”, using wood and earth colored textiles as well as recycle materials, rather than plasticky and artificial ‘cold’ design, used to be fashionable together with the wave of cool ‘design’ hotels.

Exhibitors are mainly private design and interior firms as well as material companies, mainly Europeans but from all over the world, but there are also some booths set up by countries and local government to boost and support their design industry. Today I put up some photos of these public booths.


European booths: Norway, Spain and Austria from the top. Also France, Portugal and Czech Republic, as well as Brussels and Turin, had their exhibition spaces.

アジア(韓国、台湾)のブース。韓国は、国のブースだけでなく、個別にも多くブースを構えていた。イギリスでは、最近韓国勢が頑張っている。サムソンやLGなど、テレビや家電、携帯端末でシェアを伸ばしてきていて、日本勢は元気がない。「クールジャパン」を世界へ、とか言ってる割には、100% Designなど国際見本市や重要な場面では一向に見かけない。海外にいると、日本の製品は繊細できめ細やかで、気が利いていて、見た目も美しいと思う。どうしてもっと、デザインにうるさい西欧諸国に、日本が誇るデザインを売り込まないのかと、いつも不思議に思っていた。マンガとかアニメとか、こちらでは至極マイナーな分野ばっかりやっていないで、100% Designでも大きなブースをどーんと構えて、日本のデザインを世界に売り込もうという気概が欲しいものだ。でも、日本人って、内向きと言うか国内での小さな成功で満足しているし、外国に出て行くのも怖がっているように見える。語学も外国人とのコミュニケーションも下手だし、弱気・謙虚すぎてタフな交渉も出来ないし。。。日本人、もっと頑張れ〜!!!

Asian (South Korea and Taiwan) booths. South Koreans also had many private exhibition spaces as well.  Recently, Korean companies has been getting more shares in TVs, home electronics and mobile phones in UK, and Japanese companies on the other hand seem to have been loosing its ground. Japanese government boasts its “Cool Japan” concept, borrowed from UK’s “Cool Britannia“, to sell contemporary Japanese culture to the world. However, I have rarely seen it on international design shows or other important events here in London. I have been abroad for almost 15 years, and I see a great potential in Japanese design which is simple, delicate, user friendly and often aesthetically beautiful, and am always wondering why they don’t try harder to sell them to foreign markets, especially European countries where ‘design’ is important and appreciated. Instead of concentrating on Manga or Anime, which are significantly minor than design, Japanese government should have bigger and better ambition. They could have set up a large booth at 100% Design, for example, and try to sell their design to the world – but I know Japanese are tend to be provincial and scared to go abroad (and their communication and negotiation skills with non-Japanese is usually disastrous, as well as their English), and just satisfied with domestic little success…


Argentine and Brazil were one of the few exhibitors from South America.

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