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One Sunny Day in Greenwich


It is almost the end of May, but it has been cold and cloudy in London these days. Where is the spring sun?! About two weeks ago, the city had experienced brief moment of sun and warm days, so we went to Greenwich, South East London. I know the name of the town since I studied Greenwich Mean Time at school, but we’d never been there during all these years of living in London, and incredibly this was the first time for us to visit this World Heritage Site (I know it’s a shame). Unfortunately we couldn’t go inside of the historical monuments such as Cutty Sark and Royal Observatory, as we arrived late afternoon, but just walked around the Greenwich Park. Another embarrassment… It would be too long if I explain all the places of interest, so please click a link and check Wikipedia for more details.


Cutty Sark, a British tea clipper ship that carried tea from China to UK. The ship was badly damaged by fire in 2007 while undergoing conservation, but the vessel has been restored and was reopened to the public in April 2012.

グリニッジ子午線(経度0度)における平均太陽時mean solar time)を指すグリニッジ平均時を定めたグリニッジ天文台1990年にケンブリッジに観測機関が移転した後は、National Maritime Museum(国立海事博物館)の一部として、天文観測や航海用具などを展示している。

Royal Observatory, known as the location of the prime meridian. After the observatory moved to Cambridge in 1990, a part of the buildings is used as a museum of astronomical and navigational tools, which is part of the National Maritime Museum.


Old Prime Meridian line, indicating longitude 0°

グリニッジ天文台の門に取付けられた、24時間時計のShepherd gate clockと、ヤードフィートなどイギリスで使われている長さの単位の指標

The Shepherd gate 24-hour clock and standard lengths on the wall of the Royal Observatory


View from a hill in Greenwich Park, overlooking Canary Wharf and O2 Arena

Greenwich Hospital(グリニッジ病院)として使われていた、Old Royal Naval College旧王立海軍大学)(写真上3枚)

Old Royal Naval College, formerly Greenwich Hospital (3 photos above)

Queen Mary Court内のチャペル(写真上2枚)

Chapel, housed in the Queen Mary Court (2 photos above)