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Art Animals @ Spitalfields

Spitalfields(スピタルフィールズ)のBishops Squareにそびえ立つ山羊。3.5mもの高さを誇る彫刻作品「I Goat」は、昨年創設されたSpitalfields Sculpture Prize(スピタルフィールズ彫刻賞)を受賞した、スコットランド人彫刻家Kenny Hunter(ケニー・ハンター)の作品で、昨年11月23日よりこの場所に置かれている。


I Goat“  is the winning work of the inaugural Spitalfields Sculpture Prize 2010, placed in Spitalfields‘ Bishops Square from November 23, 2010. The goat, hand-sculpted by Scottish sculptor Kenny Hunter, stands on the top a stack of packing crates and reaches the 3.5metre high.

“Goats are associated with non-conformity and being independently-minded” according to the artist. The goat stands as a symbol for the various waves of migration that have found sanctuary in  Spitalfields. It is also an image of persecution and sacrifice, reflecting how each successive group of immigrants has faced their own combination of conflict, oppression and poverty, all eventually finding a new home in London. The crates refers the market as well as the area’s history of transience and human flux. I can get those hidden meaning of the goat if I read the description, but I wonder how many passersby would get it without reading the explanation.

その山羊の近くには、6羽の白うさぎたち。作者のPaul Cox(ポール・コックス)は、このあたりが昔、priory(小修道院)に隣接した牧草地であったことを念頭において、この「Spitalfields Spiritを制作したそう。

There are six white rabbits nearby the goat.Paul Cox made this Spitalfields Spirit, with the area’s history in mind, where it was once a grazing area for cattle, next to the priory.

以前、I Goatが今ある場所にあったRed Churchも、居場所は変わったけれど、Bishops Squareにまだ健在。

Red Church, which used to be placed where I Goat is now, is still there in Bishops Square, though it was relocated few metres away.