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One New Change @ Cheapside

新しいショッピング・モール「One New Change」がシティのCheapside(チープサイド)にオープンした。オープン初日の4時間で、1万2000人が訪れたという。古英語の「ceapan」が起源の「cheap」は「marketplace(市場)」を意味し、ショッピング・センター建設にうってつけの場所に思えるけれど、セント・ポール大聖堂の隣という場所柄、その建設は論議を巻き起こし、あのチャールズ皇太子も反対したという曰く付き。

2007年に取り壊された元Bank of England(イングランド銀行)跡地に建てられた、8階建て・高さ40mのガラス張りのこのビル、デザインは、今年のSerpentine Galleryサーペンタイン・ギャラリー)の夏季限定パビリオンを設計した、フランス人建築家のJean Nouvel(ジャン・ヌーヴェル)が担当。その外見から「stealth bomber(ステルス爆撃機)」と言う愛称で呼ばれているそう。地下1階から地上2階に、TopshopやH&M、Banana Republic、Mango、そしてジェイミー・オリヴァーとアメリカ人バーベキュー・シェフ、Adam Perry-Lang共同経営のBBQレストラン「Barbecoa」など約60軒の店舗レストラン・カフェがテナントとして入り、その上がオフィスのフロアになっている。6階はセント・ポール寺院をはじめ辺りを見渡せる広々とした展望スペースになっている。来年には、展望レストランやゴードン・ラムゼイのレストラン「Bread Street Kitchen」などもオープンする予定。


On October 28th, a new shopping mall “One New Change” in Cheapside opened just next to St Paul’s Cathedral. It is said that 12,000 people visited the mall in the first 4 hours of its opening. The word “Cheapside” derives from the Old English “ceapan,” meaning “marketplace”, seems to be the perfect place for the shopping center, but its sensitive location opposite to St Paul’s caused some controversy during its planning and construction, including criticism from Prince Charles himself.

This 8-storey / 40m high glass building was constructed on the former Bank of England site which was demolished in 2007. It was designed by French Architect Jean Nouvel who also designed the 2010 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. Around 60 shops and restaurants / cafés, such as Topshop, H&M, Banana Republic and Mango, as well as a joint-venture BBQ restaurant “Barbecoa” by Jamie Oliver and American BBQ chef Adam Perry-Lang, occupy the bottom three floors, and the rest is used as office space. There is a spacious roof terrace, overlooking St Paul’s on the 6th floor. Next year, the mall will have a roof terrace café & restaurant, as well as Gordon Ramsay‘s restaurant “Bread Street Kitchen” and few others.

On contrary to the impressive all-red Serpentine Pavilion, “One New Change” ended up in rather cold and ordinary shopping mall, though some bits of design factors included, and it is a little disappointment. Also the mall is full of chains that you can see any high street in London. However, there were not many shoppers, probably due to this recession, and I could comfortably walk around the stores. Overall, the opening of the “One New Change” is good for us, so that we don’t have to necessarily go all the way to Oxford Street to shop, without pushing and bumping other shoppers to reach what we want.

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