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Worst Storm of the Year hit Southern England

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The strongest storm in this year attacked Southern part of England and Wales today. Gale-force winds and heavy rain have brought flooding and damages including bringing down trees and branches, and delays and cancellation of the trains and ferries are reported. It is said that the first half of the autumn was unseasonably mild and pretty dry but that’s all changed now.

The winds reached a “rare” 70mph inland in London, and I have been constantly hearing the strong wind while I am at home. Our apartment building is a former industrial warehouse and the wind come inside a little bit through the large floor-to-ceiling windows. Today is rather mild and the highest temperature was around 14°C, but Gale is seen quite often in the winter in London, and it could be quite cold when the temperature is low and strong wind blows. I had to go through a mess of fallen leaves, broken branches, cardboards, and trashes scattered all over when I went out earlier. I went out with my bike, I couldn’t barely move forward with headwinds, no matter how hard I pedaled. I didn’t want to get hurt with flying objects and came back as soon as possible. Now I am in my safe space and looking pretty dramatic sight outside.

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