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Another Sunday Market @ Shoreditch

Pizza Eastでロンドンでの今年初のランチをとった後、ぶらぶら歩いて、Shoreditch High Street駅から東、ブリックレーンに連なる道に出ているマーケットを見て歩いた。昨年、Shoreditch High Street駅がオープンしてますます再開発が進み、ヒップでトレンディになりつつあるショーディッチにおいて、猥雑なイースト・ロンドン的雰囲気を色濃く残すこのマーケットは、かなり衝撃的。駅の横の果物・野菜の屋台を皮切りに、日用品や電化製品、文房具、自転車用品、古着、アンティーク、中古家具まで、日常生活に必要な物が何でも手に入り、イタリアやフランスの食品を売る屋台もある。が、売っている物の多くは、安物かガラクタ、もしかすると盗品も混じっているかもしれない。

We walked around a market on a street connecting Shoreditch High Street station and Brick lane, after the first lunch in London this year at Pizza East. It is quite a shock to see such a market with stereotypical chaotic East London atmosphere in Shoreditch, where is becoming trendy and hip after a series of redevelopment projects together with an opening of the new station last year. Starting with fruits and vegetable sellers next to the station, you can basically buy anything you need for daily life from household products, home electronics, stationaries, bicycle parts, used clothing and accessories, second-hand furniture, antiques and all kinds of bric-a-brac, as well as Italian and French food – but unfortunately mostly cheap stuffs and junk, or even possibly some stolen things.


Vintage shop, or just selling anything with a little value the lady has in her closet?

何故か、自転車パーツを売る店が多い。Brick Laneは盗難自転車を売っている事で密かに有名だが、そこで買った中古自転車をチューンアップするためか。

There are some vendors selling bicycle parts. Is it for a tune-up of a bicycle purchased from Brick Lane (known for selling stolen bikes)??


A vendor selling household products. There is some order up to this point.


A London version of a dollar-store.


When we entered a space supposedly used as a car-park on non-market days, it was a chaos – products and trashes were all over the place. There was a mountain of clothes, shoes and bric-a-brac. How on earth people find anything from it??


This sort of disorder is more like a market in developing countries, rather than London.


Graffiti behind is quite Shoreditch.


Antique? seller. We hoped that there might be something nice but…


We were overwhelmed by people and stuffs. I don’t necessarily recommend the market for tourists or friends, but just to show another side of London, for your interest.

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Cheshire Street @ off Brick Lane

別名バングラタウンと呼ばれ、南はバングラデシュ料理のレストランが軒を連ねるカレー通り、北はヒップなバーやレストラン、カフェ、ブティック、ギャラリーなどが集まる、Brick Lane(ブリック・レーン)。観光客も多く、すっかり東ロンドンの観光名所となっているが、その中ほどにあるCheshire Streetを東に入ると、インテリアや洒落た日用品、ジュエリー、ヴィンテージのブティックなど、センスのいい独立系のショップが並んでいる。平日は人影もまばらなこの通り、週末ともなると、他では手に入らないオリジナル品、ユニークなものを求める人たちでごった返す。

Brick Lane has established its name as a major tourist destination in East London. Known as Banglatown, the south half of the street is occupied by Bangladesh curry restaurants, and the north half with hip bars, restaurants, cafés, shops and galleries attract trendy young people. A little street off the midst of Brick Lane to the East, Cheshire Street is home to independent shops selling interior & home products, jewelry, vintage clothing, and other bric-a-brac. This quiet street bustles on weekend with people looking for something original and unique that is hard to find anywhere else.

既にクリスマス商戦も始まっている今日この頃、Cheshire Streetにあるお店が参加して、12月2日と9日の木曜日の2日間、午後6時から9時まで「Late Night Christmas Shopping Evenings」を行うそう。飲み物も提供されるみたいなので、時間があれば是非。参加するお店は↓の通り。

Many stores have already decorated for Christmas in London, and a group of Cheshire street stores also organizes an annual late night Christmas shopping evenings on two Thursdays on December 2nd and 9th, from 6pm to 9pm. Drink will be served. It would be a great opportunity if you are looking for special Christmas gift. Participated stores are as follows ↓

その中の一軒、レトロでセンスのいい日用品を扱い、メディアにもよく登場するお店・「Labour and Wait」は、元の店から徒歩5分程のRedchurch Street(AllpressAlbion CaféFranzé & Evansと同じ通り)に、一回り大きな店をオープンさせた 。

One of the shops on Cheshire street, “Labour and Wait” opened a new bigger shop on Redchurch Street (same street of AllpressAlbion CaféFranzé & Evans), about 5 minutes walk from the original location.

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