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St. Jude Storm Caused Chaos and Destruction

昨日夜から今朝にかけて、イギリス、フランス、ドイツ、北欧等北西ヨーロッパを襲った、熱帯外低気圧による強い暴風・St. Jude聖タダイに由来)により、イギリス南部では、死者4名、停電60万戸以上、通勤ラッシュ時の公共交通機関の遅れ、飛行機やフェリーのキャンセル等の被害が出た。イギリスに住んで10年の間で一番ひどい暴風だ。

→ 詳細: BBC News

家の前の運河沿いにはえていた木が倒れ、ご近所の家の前に置いてあったバーベキューセットも無惨にも水の中に沈んでいる。でも、こんな被害はまだ可愛いもの。視聴者が撮影した各地の被害の様子はこちら。→ BBC News

From the last night till this morning, the strong European windstorm, St. Jude storm hit Northwestern Europe including UK, France, Germany and Scandinavia, leading to four deaths, blackouts that affect 625,000 homes, major rush-hour disruption on public transport, and flight and ferry cancellations in Southern England. The worst I’ve seen in past 10 years.

→ more details: BBC News

Here is examples of the power of the storm. The tree in front of our flat fell down, and one of the resident’s BBQ set fell into the canal. Of course these are not the worst. → photos of damages: BBC News


Worst Storm of the Year hit Southern England

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The strongest storm in this year attacked Southern part of England and Wales today. Gale-force winds and heavy rain have brought flooding and damages including bringing down trees and branches, and delays and cancellation of the trains and ferries are reported. It is said that the first half of the autumn was unseasonably mild and pretty dry but that’s all changed now.

The winds reached a “rare” 70mph inland in London, and I have been constantly hearing the strong wind while I am at home. Our apartment building is a former industrial warehouse and the wind come inside a little bit through the large floor-to-ceiling windows. Today is rather mild and the highest temperature was around 14°C, but Gale is seen quite often in the winter in London, and it could be quite cold when the temperature is low and strong wind blows. I had to go through a mess of fallen leaves, broken branches, cardboards, and trashes scattered all over when I went out earlier. I went out with my bike, I couldn’t barely move forward with headwinds, no matter how hard I pedaled. I didn’t want to get hurt with flying objects and came back as soon as possible. Now I am in my safe space and looking pretty dramatic sight outside.

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