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Nobuyoshi Araki’s ‘Geisha’ Bisazza Ad Banned

Bisazza Ad Campaign 2009Bisazza Ad Campaign 2009

9月29日付のBBCニュースによると、イタリアのインテリア用モザイクタイルの会社、BISAZZAの2009年広告キャンペーンで、縄で縛られ太ももがあらわになった着物姿の女性が、「既に行われたか、これから行われようとしている」性的暴力を示唆しているとして、ASA(Advertising Standards Authority/広告基準局:広告内容の公正さと正確さを監視するイギリスの広告基準審査機関)から広告の使用を禁止されたそうだ。この広告は、有名な日本人写真家・アラーキーこと荒木経惟によって撮影されたもので、「Elle Decoration」「Wallpaper 」「The World of Interiors」等に掲載された。BISAZZA社は、この写真は「芸術的」で、「過度の性的倒錯」を表すものではないと主張したが、ASAは、女性の服従的なポーズ、動揺したような表情、また着物の裾がまくり上げられて露になった太ももが、例え芸術的な処理がなされていても、性的暴力を暗示しているように見えると、同広告の使用禁止を命令した。



An advertisement showing a woman bound with rope and exposing her thighs have been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), according to the BBC news on September 29. ASA said the image used by the Italian interior mosaic tile company BISAZZA implied sexual violence “had taken place or was about to”. The ads with the images of a Japanese geisha, taken by renowned Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, appeared in magazines such as Elle Decoration, Wallpaper and The World of Interiors. Bisazza told ASA that the image was “artistic” and did not show any “excessive perversion”. But the ASA replied that the geisha was “shown in a submissive pose, appeared visibly upset and was shown with her kimono pushed up to expose her thigh,” and the creative treatment could be seen to imply that sexual violence had taken place or was about to take place.

Araki is fairly popular abroad as well as his native Japan – especially his photographs of women in Kimono and tied with rope could be seen ‘exotic’ outside Japan. Though these photos are probably arousing for many men, but his works are often targeted by feminists as insults to women. His photographs of his late wife, portraits and city scape, other than ‘sexy’ ones, are very good and heart-warming, but his ‘bondage’ photos make me uncomfortable. Araki said he had love with his subjects, but I can’t feel any love but lust and men’s sexual desire. British strongly believe in freedom of speech and expression, but are also tough on crimes, human rights, and discriminations. Yesterday, I wrote that a nude photo of Brooke Shields when she was 10 year old was withdrawn, in relation to pedophilia. Japanese manga for adults and pornography are known for its violence, rape scene, and sex with minors. Also Italian ‘sexy’ TV programs and advertisements with full of half naked women are often under attack by British media, as male-chauvinistic.

My opinion: this ASA’s decision is completely reasonable.

Bisazza Ad Campaign 2009

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