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BBC Panorama Immigration – Time for an Amnesty?

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昨日のBBCの「Panorama(パノラマ)」で、不法移民の事が取り上げられていた。ちなみに、パノラマは、1953年に放映開始、世界で最も長く続いている30分の時事ドキュメンタリー番組で、経済や政治、社会問題、教育等、幅広いトピックを扱う。London School of Economicsのレポートによると、現在約75万人の不法移民がイギリスに住んでいて、その3分の2は、ロンドンに住んでいるという。その多くが仕事や持ち家を持ち、税金を払い、中には選挙権を持つものもいるという。ボリス・ジョンソンロンドン市長は、政府が大量の不法移民を防げなかった事を非難し、すでに国内にいる不法移民には法的にイギリスに住む権利を与えるべきだと言う。もし、不法移民を全員国外追放するとすると、一人につき11,000ポンド、計80億円かかり、34年もの歳月がかかるので、確かに現実的な解決法ではない。しかし、政府と野党保守党ともに、不法移民の更なる増加を促し、すでに危機的状況にある福祉、ヘルスケア、教育制度に負担がかかると、恩赦には反対の立場を取っている。


Yesterday, BBC program ‘Panorama‘ dealt with illegal immigrants in UK. ‘Panorama‘ is the longest-running current affairs documentary series in the world since 1953, and discuss a variety of issues from politics, economy to social issues or education etc in 30 minutes. According to the report of London School of Economics, there are currently nearly three-quarters of a million illegal immigrants living in Britain, and two-thirds are thought to live in London. Many have managed to get jobs and their own homes, and pay taxes. Some are even registered to vote. The mayor of London, Boris Johnson condemned the Government for failing to prevent a flood of illegal immigrants to UK and to deal with them properly, and called for an amnesty for those who had been in the country for considerable period of time. If all the illegal immigrants to be deported, it would cost £11,000 per person, £8 billion , and would take 34 years – therefore he said that it is not practical. However, the Government and the Conservative party oppose the amnesty because it could encourage more illegal immigrants to come to UK and would cause more burden on welfare such as healthcare and education.

I understand the hardships of illegal immigrants who seek better life and cross the border with risks, but illegal is illegal. It is not fair for the people who want to come to UK but cannot do it, and for the legal immigrants who respect the law and take a legitimate step to come to UK. Since M is an European, so we have automatic rights to live in UK, but we had to submits all kind of documents and have been waiting for Permanent Residency for over 10 months now. It is getting tougher and tougher in these days for non-European to get UK visa, and many of them struggle to get it. I just can’t agree with the system that people who cheat can win what they want.

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