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1 in 6 Youths are “NEET” in England

日本でも問題となっている「ニート」の若者たちだけれど、その言葉の発祥の地・イギリスでも、NEETNot in Employment, Education or Training)が増加しているそうだ。

Department for Education(教育省)が発表した報告によると、イングランドにおける16〜24歳のNEETの数は、今年4〜6月期で約100万人(正確には97万9千人)、若者の16.2%、実に6人に1人がNEETとなる計算となり、昨年より1.8%増加した。先週の国家統計局(Office for National Statistics)の統計でも、同時期の16〜24歳の若者の失業率も20.2%に上っている。


The problem of NEET (Not in Employment,Education or Training) is often talked in Japan (Wiki), but the situation in England, a birth place of the term “NEET”,  has been worsen as well.

According to the figure from the Department for Education, 979,000 or nearly a million 16 to 24-year-olds were NEET between April and June this year – which means 16.2% or 1 in 6 young people are NEET, 1.8% rise from the past year. Also Office for National Statistics reported last week that youth unemployment in the quarter to June had risen from 20% to 20.2%.

Financial Times doesn’t see a clear link between this month’ series of riots with high NEET rates, as London’s youth NEET rate is at 14.2% below the national average, though I don’t think there would be no relationship at all. An estimated 220,000 are expected to fail to get university places, due to upcoming tuition hike, and this may result in further increase of NEET. UK (and the world) had enjoyed good economy just few years ago, but the good time wouldn’t last forever, I guess… Let’s hope Olympic next year can boost UK’s economy a bit.

“Change” Anti-Knife Carrying Campaign by Ben Eine @ Old Street

以前、「Alphabet Graffiti」について取り上げたグラフィティ/ストリート・アーティスト、Ben Eineベン・アイン)の作品「Change」が今年9月に、オールド・ストリート駅の西に登場した。これは2006年9月に、背中を20回以上も刺されて殺された若者・Tom-Louis Eastonくんの家族と友人が設立した慈善団体「Flavasum Trust」が、「anti-knife carrying campaign(ナイフ携帯反対キャンペーン)」のために委託した作品。イズリントン・カウンシル(区役所)は、この作品を1年間以内に限って残す事を許可し、ベン・アインは無償でこの仕事を引き受けたそうだ。

An graffiti/street artist, whom I wrote his work “Alphabet Graffiti” a while ago, Ben Eine‘s work “Change” appeared in last September on the west of Old Street station .  This is a commission for “anti-knife carrying campaign” by the Flavasum Trust, a charity set-up by the friends and family of Tom-Louis Easton, a young musician who was stabbed in the back over 20 times to death in September 2006. Islington Council has given permission for the work to stay up for a year, and Ben did the work for free.


According to the Guardian’s article, knives were used in almost 4 out of 10 killings of British youths. Although its number is one of the lowest knife death rates in Europe along with Germany and Slovenia, some of young people become gang members to give them status and carry a knife for a sense of security, resulting in murders during a gang war and occasionally invovling a stranger.

2007年12月、人通りの多いエンジェル駅の近くで昼2時30分頃、「ガンをつけた」とギャング・メンバーにいちゃもんをつけられ、公衆の面前で刺殺された16歳の少年・Nassirudeen Osaweくんが描かれたグラフィティ(関連記事1/2)。事件現場そばで撮影。

A graffiti of 16-year old boy Nassirudeen Osawe, who stabbed to death by a group of gang members for ‘dirty look’ at them, in front of many shoppers and passerby near busy Angel station around 2:30 pm in December 2007 (related article 1/2). Photo taken near the crime scene.

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