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“Joan of Arc: Voices of Light” by London Symphony Orchestra @ Barbican Centre

先日日曜日、バービカン・センターで行われた、London Symphony Orchestra(LSO:ロンドン交響楽団)のコンサート「Joan of Arc: Voices of Light」を観に行った。このコンサートでは、カール・ドライヤー監督のサイレント映画「裁かるゝジャンヌ(1928年)」の映像を背景に、アメリカ人作曲家のRichard Einhorn(リチャード・エインホーン)がこの映画に影響を受けて1994年に作曲したオラトリオ・「Voices of Light」を、女性指揮者Marin Alsopマリン・オールソップ)率いるLSOが演奏した。


We went to London Symphony Orchestra (LSO)’s “Joan of Arc: Voices of Light” at the Barbican Centre last Sunday. In this concert, live performance by a leading female conductor Marin Alsop and LSO of Richard Einhorn‘s oratorio “Voices of Light” (1994),  inspired by this classic film, was accompanied screening of the  Carl Theodor Dreyer‘s silent film “The Passion of Joan of Arc ” (1928).

The Passion of Joan of Arc ” is a story of Joan of Arc,  a national heroine of France and a Catholic saint, who heard the voice of  Saint Michael and liberated France from English occupation during the Hundred Years’ War. It summarises the time from the Rehabilitation trial after being captivated by English and Burgundian to imprisonment, torture, and the execution by burning.

A libretto in Latin and antique French from the writings of Joan of Arc, medieval mystics and the Bible, was sang beautifully by soloists and chorus. This minimalistic and solemn score, together with the black and white classic silent masterpiece, was deeply moving and vividly conveyed the fear and emotional suffering of young Joan, who once was a savior of France but whose life was tragically terminated with only an age of 19 by one of the most agonising way.

You can also see this film together with the music on YouTube (link), so check it out if you are interested.