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A Bad Day for England




Today’s news in UK is all about England’s failure to host World Cup 2018 and big chill which has been staying over UK for several days.

About the World Cup 2018, which could have brought £3 billion economic boost, the bid team as well as British media were so confident until the bid today. Big names such as Prime Minister David Cameron, Prince William and David Beckham traveled to Zurich to attend the final presentation, and bookies named England as the favorite after frontrunner Russia’s Putin decided not to attend the decision and British thought it was a sign of Russia’f fall out of the race. The national expectation heightened to the maximum – until the vote started. The result was a huge disappointment and disaster – England got only two votes and kicked out on the first round.

Media blames that the undercover report of the Sunday Times and BBC’s Panorama aired on November 29 accusing FIFA’s corruption, as the reason of England’s loss by causing FIFA’s anger, but come on! Everybody knows that money, negotiation, deal-making and politics are involved in deciding the host nation of the biggest event of the sports in the world, and FIFA, a powerful international association, is obviously not clean and fair. You were not born yesterday! You never know what really happened behind the door when London was chosen to host 2012 Olympic Games. Also why England wants all major sporting events anyway? London hosts the 2012 Olympics, and after, big events such as 2014 Commonwealth Games, the 2015 Rugby World Cup, and the 2019 Cricket World Cup come to UK That’s quite enough. Give other countries an excitement too!


Big freeze has struck UK since last weekend, three winters in a row (past entry 1/2/3). It snowed yesterday, and our balcony became like this ↓ (also see BBC photos). Every time “big” snow (for Brits, but obviously not for Scandinavians or North Americans) hit UK, the country gets panicked and falls in a big chaos, as British winter is not severe on contrary to its public image abroad. The Time’s American journalist wrote that British’s unpreparedness toward snow maybe intentional and a national conspiracy – so people can skip work or school. It may be a joke, but I think that could be quite a possibility…

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